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Malaysia Allows Uncut Beauty And The Beast Movie; What Was Emma Watson Sweet Deal About

Malaysia will release the controversial Beauty and The Beast movie’s uncut version. This recent news will add more dollars to the movie’s box-office record. Meanwhile, Emma Watson’s deal with Disney is slowly making her one of the top paid actresses in 2017.

Malaysia Allows Beauty And The Beast Uncut Version

After a few days of deliberation, Malaysia’s Film Censorship Board agreed to the uncut Beauty and The Beast release on March 30. The movie will have a PG-13 rating, according to BBC. The outlet notes that two major cinema chains in Malaysia confirmed the new release date for Disney’s live-action movie. March 16 was Beauty and The Beast‘s scheduled theatrical release in Malaysia.

After Director Bill Condon’s controversial revelation about Lefou’s (Josh Gad) sexuality, Malaysia’s censorship board decided that they will only allow the Beauty and The Beast release if Disney will remove the brief gay scene in the movie. This or the movie will get banned.

Malaysia’s Film Censorship Board Head Abdul Halim Abdul Hamid told the Associated Press on March 15 that the particular scene was “inappropriate because many children will be watching this movie.” The outlet notes that Disney rejected the Malaysian censorship board’s request.

The controversial movie release conditions sparked an uproar on social media. Moreover, Malaysia’s Tourism Minister Seri Nazri Aziz said that banning the film was “ridiculous.”

Emma Watson Gets More Than Her Talent Fee

On the other hand, the movie which starred Emma Watson, Luke Evans, Gad and Dan Stevens continue to break box-office records. reports that the Disney movie grossed about $511 million already in just one week.

Disney is not the only one enjoying the movie’s huge success. The latter report notes that Beauty and The Beast cast member Emma Watson is enjoying her sweet deal too. Apart from her reported $3.9 million talent fee for portraying the role of Belle, the feisty and beautiful woman who falls in love with the Beast (Stevens), she also gets a cut of the film’s earnings, as per the Hollywood Reporter.

Should the movie exceeds expectations and hit the $900 million gross, the Harry Potter actress can make $19 million out of the movie’s profits. Celebrity Publicist Liza Anderson said, “I think she (Watson) basically has the world in the palm of her hand. She is the biggest star in the world right now.”

Furthermore, the outlet notes that thanks to Beauty and The Beast, Watson’s appeal will broaden. Hollywood Casting Director Brett Benner predicts that the British actress “will command a higher salary.” Moreover, she can hand pick and choose the roles offered to her.

The Beauty and The Beast movie is still showing in North America and soon in Malaysia. What can you say about the movie’s success? Share your thoughts with us!

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