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Love Actually Director Teases Fans With Hugh Grant And Martine McCutcheon Photos!

Ever since the sequel announcement, Love Actually fans wait in anticipation for more details about the romantic comedy’s sequel, Red Nose Day Actually. Meanwhile, Scriptwriter Emma Freud did not disappoint the movie’s supporters as she posted photos of UK’s fictional prime minister David and his wife, Natalie.

Love Actually Reunion For Hugh Grant And Martine McCutcheon

Love Actually’s sequel, Red Nose Day Actually, have generously been sharing with their fans of the movie’s latest development. The latest to swirl online are still photos of Hugh Grant and Martine McCutcheon. The two stars take on the role of David and Natalie, respectively. reports that in the sequel, Prime Minister David (Grant) and Natalie (McCutcheon) enjoy marital bliss, according to one of Freud’s tweets. The outlet notes that the scriptwriter shared a few behind the scenes photos of Grant addressing a group of journalists. Meanwhile, his wife, Natalie was on the sidelines, watching him.

Freud tweeted a photo of Grant looking rather dashing in his suit. She captioned the photo with, “And here he is. Our Prime Minister. Again. And still hot. #rednosedayactually.

Looking closely at the photo, it appears that Grant was injured prior to this scene. There is no further information provided why Grant was in a sling. Love Actually fans will have to watch the short film to know the reason behind the sling. Moreover, Freud tweeted another photo of McCutcheon, Grant, and director Richard Curtis posing for the camera.

Richard Curtis Not Keen To Write Film’s Sequel

Entertainment Weekly reports that Curtis did not dream of writing a sequel to his 2013 film. However, he did get intrigued to know what happened to his characters more than a decade after.

“We’ve been delighted and grateful that so many of the cast are around and able to take part — and it’ll certainly be a nostalgic moment getting back together and recreating their characters 14 years later,” said Curtis.

The outlet notes that the Red Nose Day Actually will premiere on March 24 in the UK. The sequel is part of the U.K. charity Comic Relief’s biennial comedy fundraiser. After two months, the Love Actually sequel will air in the US on May 25 on NBC.

Apart from Grant and McCutcheon, Love Actually supporters will see the movie’s returning cast members like Liam Neeson, Keira Knightley, Rowan Atkinson and more. Meanwhile, the source notes that two-time Oscar Nominee Joanna Johnston designed the costumes for this movie.

Love Actually’s plot in 2013 happened five weeks before Christmas where various characters had their fair share of love issues to deal with. The film was a box-office success grossing almost $247 million worldwide. What can you say about the Love Actually sequel? Share your thoughts with us!

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