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Logan Is Hugh Jackman’s Last X-Men Film, But It Might Not Be Patrick Stewart’s

After seventeen years and seven films, Hugh Jackman is finally ready to lay his claws to rest. Logan, the final of the unofficial Wolverine trilogy of films, and the latest in the long-running X-Men film franchise, will see his last outing as the adamantium-clawed superhero. But while Jackman has long said that his days as Wolverine are over, another X-Men staple in Patrick Stewart isn’t quite ready to say die yet.

Stewart, 76, told ET last week: “Hugh has raised the flag that says goodbye. I haven’t done that yet.” The actor, who has played Charles Xavier since 2000 – often sharing the younger version of the role with James McAvoy – didn’t delve too much into his own future with the film franchise. Instead, he continued to point the spotlight toward the way Jackman evolved, and yet stayed the same, as Wolverine:

“His charm and modesty and likability has never changed,” he said, “… I believe what he does in Logan is extraordinary. The aging, the sadness, the weariness, the borderline despair he exhibits coupled with that edge that has always been there is quite remarkable.”

Charles Xavier – How Much More Can He Do

It’s tough to imagine what kind of role Stewart may get for further X-Men films, however. Since 2011, all appearances of Charles Xavier have largely been portrayed by James McAvoy; Stewart did share the role in Days of Future Past, but in a smaller capacity as the “future” Professor X. Apocalypse was all about the younger Charles.

Logan will star Stewart as the Professor one more time in his old age, but much like Jackman, some assumed that this was also going to be his swan song in the franchise. In fact, some thought that the trailers were hinting at the character’s death.

How much more can he do? Well, in the last year’s Deadpool, Colossus hinted that Deadpool ought to “go see the Professor”. Deadpool wittily responded by asking “McAvoy or Stewart? These timelines can get so confusing!” Perhaps, we might see Patrick Stewart interact with the merc with the mouth at least once before he retires his wheels for good.

Logan Reviews A Hit For Critics

So far, early reviews for Logan have been overwhelmingly positive. It currently scores a 96% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with most critics tipping their hats off to an emotional payoff seventeen years in the making.

“Logan is a punch in the gut in all the right ways,” Alan Scherstuhl of the Village Voice writes.

“Star Hugh Jackman isn’t just giving us the definitive X-Men movie,” agrees Mark Daniell of the Toronto Sun, “It could just be the definitive comic book movie.”

Logan is set to hit theaters on March 3, 2017.

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