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Little Mermaid Live Action Movie Trailer Makes Fans Unhappy

Something is going on in this Little Mermaid live action movie. This is not the one by Disney. Rather, this is supposed to be based on the original Hans Christian Andersen tale than the Disney version.

But… it looks creepy as hell. In the first trailer released, we saw that there are British people who traveled in Mississippi in search of the real Little Mermaid. Then lo and behold, there’s actually a mermaid inside a fish tank!

This Little Mermaid Is Just So Bad

We’ve always been huge fans of The Little Mermaid, so we feel a little sorry that Conglomerate Media and Kingsway Productions have to somehow ruin this childhood tale for us. This live action movie follows the story of a young girl (Loreto Peralta) who discovered an enchanting woman she believes is the real mermaid.

Little MermaidPing Bauzon | Tripped Media

Screen cap from the Twitter page of Ryder DeLa Vega

Her older brother, Cam (William Mosele), is a reporter who will travel with her sister for this story. They went to a small town in Mississippi where they found the mermaid (Poppy Drayton) inside a fish tank? Then, there’s also the mysterious character that Shirley MacLaine plays.

We don’t know yet if MacLaine is the little girl all grown up or the mermaid. Apparently, she will tell this very same story years later (kinda like Titanic, huh?).

Why would anyone ruin this tale for us? Apparently, this will be shown in theaters later this year, so maybe we can give it the benefit of the doubt. Who knows, maybe it will surprise us in the end.

Why Are Producers Ruining Childhood Memories?

This isn’t the only childhood tale that producers and writers are hell-bent on destroying. They did a scary version of Hansel and Gretel, and made Alice in Wonderland slightly scary, too. With Beauty and the Beast showing on March 16, there’s also a question of bestiality in it.

Why can’t we just enjoy these movies like we did before? Is that too much to ask? People are over-analyzing everything that it’s hard to enjoy anything anymore.

We were hoping that if ever The Little Mermaid will be remade, it would be something akin to Beauty and the Beast—all music and romance and a little bit of women empowerment.

Last year, there was a plan to produce a Disney version of The Little Mermaid. We haven’t heard anything about it yet, so are we doomed to content ourselves with this version instead? We surely hope not.

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