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Lion King VR Update: Jon Favreau’s New Technology-based Screenplay & Jungle Book 2

Disney’s epic musical animated feature film The Lion King is all set for a technology overdrive. Top Hollywood directors are lining up to make it into a Virtual Reality (VR) screenplay. According to the latest Lion King VR update, American actor and film-maker Jon Favreau could be directing his second Disney movie with VR-based screenplay. He directed The Jungle Book that went on to gross $961 million using limited VR resources.

The Lion King VR update: The Push to Create Live-action Remakes

Going by the current stream of line-ups in Favreau’s portfolio, it is evident that live-action remakes attract millennial audience. As per reports, The Lion King in its next adaptation will have more of virtual reality as compared to Disney’s last production, The Jungle Book.

Favreau intends to use HD simulation camera and motion-capture technology. Accordingly, The Lion King will shed its lovable Broadway-inspired theatrical appeal taking up a more aggressive VR gaming-based platform.

The release of The Jungle Book has certainly presented a new-age visual spectacle allowing the story to flow intelligently, extracting genuine emotions. To the viewers’ enjoyment, The Lion King VR update just makes it all the more palatable.

Why Favreau wants to play with VR in his next directorial ventures?

VR technology is growing at a swift pace and there are over a million VR gadget users already. Jon’s aim is to turn Disney into a harbinger of latest technology in visual experience. By his own admission, The Jungle Book 2 will surely have more of VR. It will give it the much needed teeth to battle against other conventional production houses backed by the Disney Movies VR promising to extend fullest immersion.

Favreau’s love for action-packed CGI is evident from his filmography. Movies like Zathura, Aliens and Cowboys, Iron Man, Iron Man 2, and The Jungle Book feature latest technology in film-making. Even Chef, his 2014 movie, showcased the importance of social media and selfie-trend in pushing business propositions.

Disney’s next presentation Beauty and the Beast will be released in 2017 using standard digital 3D, IMAX 3D, and RealD 3D projections. No signs of VR there as yet. Turning animated Simba into a live Lion King is something that Favreau would love to follow up using photo-real animations.



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