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La La Land: Emma Watson, Miles Teller Regret Being ‘Too Demanding,’ Lost Lead Roles

It’s the award season in Hollywood, which means La La Land and its stars are bound to surprise us again. But do you know that instead of Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, it was supposed to be Emma Watson and Miles Teller in the movie?

Reportedly, Watson and Teller are furious at their agents for not securing the role for them. Stone just won the SAG and Golden Globe Best Actress Awards, after all, and the movie is nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars.

La La Land is winning big

It wasn’t that La La Land producers didn’t pursue the stars. In fact, they made every conscious decision to try to make Watson say yes to it. But ultimately, the Harry Potter star felt that the film was not right for her.

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She also made too many “crazy demands” like filming the rehearsals in London. This for a film that’s called La La Land (the La standing for Los Angeles, mind you)? The report said that the producers “jumped through hoops” to make it work for her, but she still decided otherwise.

Other sources said that the British actress, who rose to fame for her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series, chose to do Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast instead. The movie will premiere in March, and Watson’s performance in it is already receiving rave reviews.

Teller, however, seems to disagree with the reports. He said on Twitter that the media are reporting “alternative facts.” He did not elaborate or confirm his version of the truth.

La La Land now with 14 Oscar nods

Back in 2015, Teller’s agent told him that Damien Chazelle, La La Land’s director, felt that he’s no longer creatively right for the film. Teller starred in Chazelle’s Whiplash. Chazelle admitted that he did see Watson and Teller doing the roles, but it wounded up not lasting or working out.

Both of the actors’ representatives declined to comment on these rumors. What we do know now is that La La Land just received 14 Oscar nods, and have been winning left and right in awards shows.

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