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Kristen Stewart Could Be Anything, So She’s Becoming An Action Star

It’s been almost nine years since Kristen Stewart rose to popularity in Twilight. For several years, Bella Swan was the object of many a teenage girl’s self-projections. And for all the love and hate that the Twilight Saga got (depending on which camp you were in), one couldn’t deny Stewart’s explosive breakout. But it’s 2017 now, and Stewart has all but outgrown her supernatural teen romance years.

Stewart has been taking on more action roles recently. However, none are looking more serious than her role for the upcoming movie Underwater. She was spotted recently in LA, on the set of the film.

Gone are the long brown tresses of Bella. Instead Stewart is sporting a short buzzcut. Photos shared by Daily Mail also show her covered in what look like wounds and bruises – though they have turned out to be just make-up for the film. She also sports an open jacket and bare midriff, showing off a body toned for action film sequences. Underwater will follow a crew of underwater researchers who look to survive after an earthquake destroys their subterranean laboratory.

Clearly, Kristen Stewart isn’t waiting for any vampires or werewolves to save her anymore.

Out of the Box

As the star of five hit Twilight movies, which collectively earned $3.3 billion at box office sales, Stewart fell into the danger of being typecast. As Bella, she was of course most recognizable to a certain demographic of audience. That, in turn, probably should have gotten her more roles in teen-driven romance films. Instead, Kristen Stewart broke out of the box.

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Her first foray into action-adventure fantasy came with a starring role in Snow White and The Huntsman. Sadly, her role in the movie was marred by scandals involving her and director Rupert Sanders. She did go on to star in films like American Ultra, another action film, with Jesse Eisenberg. Underwater will be her latest action outing.

Most interestingly, Stewart transitioned very well into films of darker nature. That includes the prison drama K-11 and the psychological thriller Personal Shopper.

Against The Grain

Recently, Kristen Stewart has done a very a good job of going against the grain. And this goes for outside of her films as well. Despite the roles that allowed her breakout success, she has since come out as bisexual. She and model Stella Maxwell have been rumored to be dating.

She’s also spent time speaking out against addiction to social media. While she has acknowledged social media as “a new language” she has talked about the need for time to “meditate” and “replenish”, without the distraction of a phone. Perhaps, that’s why she doesn’t have much online presence on Twitter and Instagram – sites that much of Hollywood has embraced.

Kristen Stewart is her own person. And perhaps that’s the real reason she’s still in the spotlight.

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