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Koe no Katachi A Silent Voice Threatens To Beat Kimi No Na Wa

Kyoto Animation’s movie adaptation of Koe no Katachi or A Silent Voice hits the blockbusters as it sold over 1.7 million tickets.

The movie tells the story of a childhood bully who gets changed. And he decides to be friends with the deaf girl he used to tease. A Silent Voice promises smooth animation, eye candy scenes and too cute to be true characters.

Koe no Katachi Offers Much More Than A Story

This new movie adapted from a one-shot manga surely delivers more than just a simple story of a boy and girl. It shows the audience the in-depth effects of bullying, not just from the perspective of the bullying side. Victims of bullying also suffer not just from hatred, but also from self-loathe.

The story teaches us not just on forgiving others but also in forgiving oneself from the sins committed in the past. It also tells us that people who get bullied would start hating others and would eventually blame themselves.

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What Kimi No Na Wa Failed to Deliver

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Kimi No Na Wa earns the top anime movie this year, however, critics point out that Kimi No Na Wa lacks the moral Makoto Shinkai movies have. Even though the unique premise of the movie captured the interest of the audience, Kimi No Na Wa’s strength lies in its breathtaking animation.

Makoto Shinkai movies all possess superb animation and highly detailed backgrounds. One of these films, the 5 Centimeters Per Second, possess the most realistic expectations about long-distance relationships which Kimi No Na failed to deliver.

Koe No Katachi and Kimi No Na Wa ‘Feels’

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One thing in common between Kimi No Na Wa and Koe No Katachi is the heart-wrenching moments they possess. These two films will surely leave you feeling empty and begging for more. This means that both movies ended at a point where the continuation lies to the audience’ imagination.

As for this author, “I prefer Koe No Katachi as it has a moral. Furthermore, people who despise anime because of the stereotypes should also watch this film and they will learn to appreciate that not all anime today are perverted.”

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