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Kingsman 2: Know Why Taron Egerton Says ‘It’s Better Than The Prequel’

Kingsman: The Secret Service was a fun and better take on spy movies. Director Matthew Vaughn outdid himself with the said movie, especially when it grossed a $414.4 million worldwide compared to a $81 million budget. With positive reception from both the critics and the audience, it is no surprise that there will be a Kingsman 2.

And according to Taron Egerton, who portrayed the endearing Eggsy Unwin, Kingsman: The Golden Circle will be better than the first installment.

Kingsman 2: A Whole New Level Compared to Secret Service

Not much is known about Kingsman 2 as of the moment. But it is confirmed that Colin Firth will return as Harry Hart and the release date of the movie has been moved to Oct. 6, 2017. No trailer is released yet but Taron Egerton claims that what the audience loved in Secret Service will be doubled in The Golden Circle.

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Egerton said, “[Matthew Vaughn] goes even further with it. It’s kind of absolutely crazy. Julianne Moore is the villain, and she’s genuinely terrifying. She’s really, really, really great. So it’s bigger, badder, more guns, you know? All that stuff. It’s fun.”

When asked about the release of the trailer, Egerton told Cinema Blend“I can’t imagine it would be very deep into next year, I think maybe there would be a teaser within the first couple of months of next year. We’re now an October release. It depends, I really don’t know. Matthew Vaughn works in mysterious ways, but you won’t be disappointed, it’s going to be awesome.”

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A Star-Studded Cast for The Golden Circle

Aside from the original cast from Secret Service, the sequel will also have its fair share of new faces that includes Halle Berry, Channing Tatum, Elton John, Julianne Moore, and Pedro Pascal. Secret Service already dealt with a huge threat, a.k.a evil genius Richmond Valentine (portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson) and his plan to reduce the climate change by having a worldwide killing spree.

With such promising words from Egerton, it looks like fans will have to wait and see what kind of conflict Kingsman 2 has that can be greater than the prequel’s.

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