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Justice League Trailer: Some Details You Might Have Missed

The Justice League trailer has dropped, and we’ve gotten our first official glimpse of the league uniting. And given that this film feels a lot more lighthearted than Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, there’s a new and very real air of anticipation to the five heroes coming together. Think about it: using the Beatles as the background music? What a move!

And since then, fans have carefully and gleefully combed through the scenes, searching for hints to the plot of the team-up film. The results? Quite a few details coming to light.

Here are some of the most interesting points to note:

Cyborg’s Father

We get a small glimpse of Dr. Silas Stone – the father of Victor Stone (Cyborg) in the Justice League trailer. Though he doesn’t seem to be in the most enviable position: when we see him, one of the parademons seems to be sneaking up on him. We know he’ll play at least a minor role in Cyborg joining the Justice League.

Could it be as a grieving son, seeking redemption for failing to save his father? If Silas Stone is one of the first characters to bite the dust in this film, there won’t be any surprise.

Some have pointed out that when Cyborg activates his full “mask” in the trailer, soaring in the air, he looks a lot like a parademon. Is this a design coincidence, or storyline relevant? We’ll wait to see if there’s something going on between his father and the monsters.

Aquaman’s Costume Is An Homage

Perhaps the character who most needed an image change for the big screen is Aquaman. Comics fans may be familiar with the King of Atlantis’s bright orange suit and seaweed-green tights, and surely that wouldn’t translate well into a Zack Snyder film.

But a close-up of Aquaman in the Justic League trailer reveals something interesting: his armor is very much an homage to the bright orange Aquaman. His scale armor is clearly inspired by his classic look, and the “A” on his belt is very much its traditional design.

Flashpoint Paradox Introduction

The trailer also gives us a brief look at Barry Allen’s father, Henry Allen, who’s clearly in jail. In the comics, the presence of Henry in jail is one of the necessary set-ups before the events of Flashpoint. He’s placed there unjustly for the “murder” of his wife; the real criminal behind the death of Barry’s mother is the villain Professor Zoom.

Perhaps this introduction is hinting that Flash’s solo movie will follow the events of Flashpoint Paradox.

Excited yet? Justice League hits theaters November 17, 2017.

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