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Justice League: Early Deathstroke Armor Revealed By Joe Manganiello

More material continues to comes out for the Justice League movie, and the hype just grows. For the most ardent of Batman fans, however, there’s something else to look for beyond the horizon. That would be the Ben Affleck solo Batman movie. After he did such a fine job as the Dark Knight back in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, many have lobbied for showcase of Affleck standing on his own.

One of the things fans can’t wait to see? The debut of Deathstroke on the big screen. Though not as popular as The Joker or Catwoman among Batman’s foes, Deathstroke is still one of his most formidable villains. He’s made appearances on videogame hits like Injustice: Gods Among Us and the Arkham series, so it’s about time he appeared on the big screen as well. He’ll first appear shortly on Justice League before standing out as Batman’s main villain on the “Batfleck” movie.

Joe Manangiello’s Armor

Producer Joe Managiello just posted a photo revealing an early design for the mercenary’s armor. Have a look at it below:

Thanks to @jeran_art for this awesome shot of me from the armor screen test. #DEATHSTROKE

A post shared by Joe Manganiello (@joemanganiello) on

If you’ll notice, the armor follows much of Deathstroke’s classic look. The mask is halved in black and orange-bronze, and the bodysuit looks ready for action. There’s a peculiarly modern take on this costume. That only makes sense as The Flash and Wonderman’s outfits also switched up for the DC’s film universe.

The costume may not be the final version we see in the final movie, however. Since the solo Batman movie is currently under an arduous phase of development (something that fans seems frustrated over, given the lack of updates and confirmation), this may not be the costume we actually see onscreen. But we can at least be assured of proper respect to Deathstroke’s comic history.

A Deathly Debut

In the DC Universe, Deathstroke is Slade Wilson, a mercenary and assassin originally appearing as a nemesis of the Teen Titans. Since then, he’s been picked up as rivals of various superheroes of the Justice League, including Batman. Much like the Caped Crusader, Deathstroke doesn’t possess any supernatural powers. He does make up for it, however, with physical prowess, fighting ability, and a deadly arsenal of weapons.

Excited to see Deathstroke make his debut in Justice League? Hit us in the comments below!

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