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Is Lindsey Morgan Tapped To Play The Batgirl Role

Warner Bros. announced today that The Avengers Director Joss Whedon will write and direct the first Batgirl standalone movie. Following this announcement, there are speculations that Lindsey Morgan will take on the lead role. Do you think she’s the perfect fit?

Lindsey Morgan Teases Fans Of New Project

Right after the announcement that Joss Whedon will direct the first-ever Batgirl solo movie, DC Comics fanatics scoured the web on who can take on the role of Barbara Gordon. reports that there are claims that The 100 star Lindsey Morgan can possibly land the role.

Moreover, the outlet notes that Morgan seems to hint her participation in the movie. According to the source, the actress posted a “cryptic tweet” a few weeks ago that hints of a “new project” that she is very much excited about. Morgan, who takes on the role of Raven Reyes in The CW’s The 100, posted a tweet that reads: “WELP. New project on the horizon AND IM MORE THAN ECSTATIC about it!!!! thank you, everyone, for your support & love.”

While the actress did not mention what the project is all about, netizens are observing the activity of her Twitter account. Moreover, the publication reports that Morgan recently retweeted Variety’s article about Warner Bros. tapping Whedon to direct and write about the fictional superhero. Is the actress dropping hints about the movie?

Morgan Is The Perfect Batgirl

Furthermore, Morgan also clicked a few heart buttons on several tweets about the Batgirl movie. While she actively supports the new superhero movie, the source notes that Morgan’s excitement can probably relate to her being a huge fan of Batgirl and not about her involvement in the film. Because of this, DC Comics supporters will probably have to wait and see for the upcoming details about the film.

Meanwhile, the report opines that getting Morgan to play the titular role will be a “logical step” for Warner Bros. The outlet notes that the actress is going to be a “fresh face that will help craft a new interpretation of Batgirl.” Moreover, Morgan’s bi-racial roots will bring “some much-appreciated diversity for Gotham City and the superhero genre.”

Variety reports that the Batgirl project going mainstream is just the second DC Comics movie to have a female character as its lead role. The first one is Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman which will have its theatrical release on June 2.

Meanwhile, with regard to Whedon, the director has had enough exposure with the superhero genre. He wrote and directed a couple Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. These are The Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron. Do you think Lindsey Morgan is the perfect fit to play Batgirl? Share your thoughts with us!

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