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Hugh Jackman Logan: Actor Open To Doing Another Wolverine Movie

It’s never say never for Hugh Jackman Logan. Even after finally deciding to hang up his claws after March’s Logan, the actor said he’s not sure how he’ll feel in three years time. This means he’s at least leaving the door ajar for the possibility of revisiting the franchise, right?

In an interview with The New York Times, as quoted by Yahoo, Jackman said that for now, he feels he’s done with playing the clawed mutant hero. Maybe, just maybe, when an enticing project rears its head (like a Deadpool sequel involving Wolverine), we can see the actor wearing those claws again.

Hugh Jackman Logan Is Having Doubts

Since he played Wolverine, which brought him to international fame, Jackman said he had that “gnawing” feeling that he’s not nailing the character or the performance. He had that feeling with all the X-Men movies and solo Wolverine films he had done in the past. That feeling is less, though, with Hugh Jackman Logan.

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Jackman has played Wolverine for long 17 years, since 2000. No other actor has been associated with a single comic-book character longer that Jackman has been with Wolverine. Until January, when they finally wrapped up filming for the 10th film in the X-Men franchise, Jackman was still Wolverine.

But now, he’s waiting for March 3, 2017, when Logan finally opens in theaters nationwide and internationally. He will attend premieres, and maybe even an international event or two, then he’s off doing musicals again. Jackman is in New York filming The Greatest Snowman, where he plays P.T. Barnum.

Fox Is Concerned With Logan’s Dark Tone

Logan is set in 2029, where the X-Men were long gone and Wolverine had to take care of an aged Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart). He drives Professor X around in a limousine, but he’s concerned that the professor’s psychic powers have become a liability. The “salvation” will come in the form of a young girl (Dafne Keen) with powers similar to that of Wolverine.

20th Century Fox, the studio behind this new Wolverine film, is concerned about its “intensity of tone.” The film is more or less about life and death, and may be boring for those who are seeking a muscled Wolverine clawing through his enemies. The studio is fearful that this particular film may not live up to expectations.

Hugh Jackman Logan may be the end for the actor’s Wolverine, but it doesn’t mean he’s retiring from acting. He’s simply focused on other less menacing films.

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