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How to Train Your Dragon 3: Official Story Line Released; Fans Excited For The 2019 Release

It looks like Kingsman 2 is not the only film whose release date has been pushed back. How to Train Your Dragon 3 has been confirmed to be moved a year from its original schedule. The third installment was set to be released on May 18, 2018. But due to unconfirmed reasons, the film will now hit the big screens on March 1, 2019.

With this development, the movie now joins Toy Story 4 and The LEGO Movie 2 as the most anticipated animated films for 2019. Dean DeBlois, the director of the first two How to Train Your Dragon films, has returned for the third film. DeBlois said that he’s working on the script and also revealed a little synopsis.

A Sneak Peak of How to Train Your Dragon 3

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According to DeBlois, How to Train Your Dragon 3 will show Hiccup’s coming of age. In the previous installment, Hiccup became the chief of Berk. And dragons began to see Toothless as their Alpha. DeBlois also revealed that a conflict will happen between the two best friends as they decide on what’s the best for their kind. He also added that the movie will end where Cressida Cowell’s books began.

In the books, an adult Hiccup was seen reminiscing the time when the dragons lived with them. This could indicate that Toothless and the rest of the dragons will go at some point of the movie.

DeBlois also said that How to Train Your Dragon will only be a trilogy and a fourth film is highly unlikely.

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Will it be Worth the Wait?

Fans may feel frustrated about the push back for How to Train Your Dragon 3. However, the wait for the third, and possibly last, installment may worth it. One of the most common reasons for a movie to be bumped off its original release is that the staff needs more time to make the story better. DeBlois already stated in an interview that Dragon 4 is not possible. So, it is fitting for the third film to be the best in the franchise.

Fans will have to find out if Toothless and Hiccup’s relationship will be strained. Although the movie is delayed, it might produce a better, high-quality plot that will induce more tears to the audience. Brandon Smith from Rotoscopers said, “I’m fine with waiting for a great movie. Or would you rather have a mediocre movie, delivered to you faster?”

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