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Hidden Figures Rules the Roost at Box Office

Hidden Figures is turning out to be quite a big success at the box office. The Martin Luther King Jr. weekend brought in great results for the movie. The production venture from Fox and Chernin Entertainment is making inroads into the box office like no other.

Hidden Figures made almost US$ 26 million during the tenure of a four-day long weekend. The American biographical drama film stars Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monáe among others.

Hidden Figures: History Made In More Ways Than One

Hidden Figures is not only making money but also earning a lot of rave reviews. It has already become the first movie with multiple female leads to rank first at the box office for two straight weekends since The Help. The movie is easily breezing through other popular ones placed at the box office.

When the movie released, it displaced Rogue One from the premiere position. The movie also dislodged the Golden Globe winner musical La La Land from the top place. Cinema Blend reports about Sing and By Bye Man making it to the top five highest grossing weekend movies.

Octavia Spencer Special Screening

Co-star of the movie Octavia Spencer decided to make things special for fans. She plays the role of Dorothy Vaughn in the film. She made a grand gesture by buying out an entire theater for those who couldn’t afford to watch the movie.

Spencer got nostalgic about her childhood days when she couldn’t watch the movies she wanted. She was raised by a single mother and they couldn’t afford watching movies in theaters. Octavia Spencer is trying as much as she can to make sure others do not go through this ordeal.

Hidden Figures is a movie about three African-American women skilled in mathematics who do their part to help ensure that the fledgling American space program is a success. Katherine Goble Johnson (Taraji P. Henson) becomes the first African-American woman in the team of American astronauts.

The film follows the ordeal Katherine goes through as she is forbidden to use the station’s restroom, drink coffee from the same pot as her co-workers or wearing any kind of jewelry, aside from pearls. Watch out for this one- it could be the most talked about movie in 2017.

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