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What Happens To Thor And Jane Foster In Thor Ragnarok

When Thor Ragnarok finally arrives in theaters, we won’t be seeing Natalie Portman (Jane Foster) throwing astrophysicist terms with Chris Hemsworth (Thor). We’ve known for a while that she wants out of the project, but it still hurts to hear it has become official.

The easy explanation for why these two characters are not together in Ragnarok is because they broke up. Yes, that’s right, Thor is single again. That’s quite confusing because didn’t he decide to live on Earth with her at the end of Thor: The Dark World?

What Happens To Jane Foster In Thor Ragnarok?

We heard hints about Jane Foster’s departure from Thor Ragnarok, of course. Hemsworth himself said that Thor is enjoying “being a drifter, being a solo cowboy out there” when asked to describe the new Ragnarok film.

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Screen cap from the Twitter page of Alter Ego Comics

At first, Marvel Studios said that Jane Foster’s character has no business being in Ragnarok because most of the movie wouldn’t happen on Earth, anyway. Certainly, Jane is back on Earth at the end of The Dark World, where she is an astrophysicist who’s doing mind-boggling research.

Portman’s decision to leave the Marvel Universe is more political, though. She wasn’t happy with how things turned out in The Dark World, particularly how director Patty Jenkins left the project. Also, let’s remember she’s an Oscar winner and has things to do like giving birth and being amazing in the Star Wars prequels.

It all make sense, of course, because Portman has never been the kind of actress who’s going to stay with a franchise for popularity and the money. She has always been smart, and we love that about her.

Back to Thor, though. There was a hint in Avengers: Age of Ultron that Thor and Jane were having problems already. So, this early exit from the Thor franchise should not concern us at all since we should have expected it.

Marvel Whipped That Macho Card

The latest word from Marvel didn’t leave us too happy, though. Marvel Studios Kevin Feige said they wanted Thor to find a new love interest in Valkyrie. The reason will annoy you.

He said that Valkyrie is more of Thor’s equal in strength and power. “We wanted to pit him against a character who was much more his equal and in many ways his superior.” Uhm okay, wait… what?

Valkyrie is more “equal” to Thor than Jane Foster because she can also punch things and make them fly? Did we all forget that Jane Foster is an astrophysicist whose skill sets make her different but complementary to Thor?

If this is how Marvel Universe wants this to become, then maybe it’s good sense for Portman to not participate in Thor Ragnarok. We’re sure she’ll do better.

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