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Fullmetal Alchemist Movie Drops New Photos; First Look at Edward

Fullmetal Alchemist movie updates have once again made fans excited with the release of new set photos from its upcoming flick.

The hype of the live action adaption of Hiromu Arakawa’s popular action fantasy manga continues to make rounds. The new stills were released through the Warner Bros’ official website that also included an English dubbed trailer for the title’s fans worldwide.

Fullmetal Alchemist movie drops new set photos

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Interestingly, two new set photos surfaced. The first photo shows a daunting Edward standing on a train platform alongside his younger brother Alphonse. Edward dons his iconic red coat, and is seen carrying a suitcase in one hand.

Notably, Alphonse’s “disembodied suit of armor” is very similar to that from the anime, which has gotten so many fans more than excited. Meanwhile, the second photo shows Edward fighting against one of the iron giants on the streets. Both images certainly give fans a look at very familiar scenes.

There have been no further announcements regarding the release of any next footages. However, the movie is set to hit theaters in Japan in December this year.

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Fullmetal Alchemist movie features stellar cast, production, storyline

According to Anime News Network, the film includes an all-star cast including Ryosuke Yamada as Edward Elric, Tsubasa Honda as Winry Rockbell, Dean Fujioka as Roy Mustang. Other cast members are Yo Oizumi as Shou Tucker, Kenjiro Ishimaru as Father Cornello, Fumiyo Kohinata as General Hakuro, Ryuta Sato as Maes Hughes and Misako Renbutsu as Riza Hawkeye.

The film’s lead star Yamada is also a member of the all-male musical group Hey! Say! JUMP. The film’s production took place in the Italian town of Volterra last summer. The filming completed late August last year.

Meanwhile, MovieWeb reports that director Fumihiko Sori, who also worked on live-action film Ping Pong, has high hopes and a deep affection for the story.

“It is my dearest wish to turn this wonderful story into a film, and it is not an exaggeration to say that I am living for this reason,” Sori said.

Fullmetal Alchemist movie will tell the story of the manga in one full-length film.

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