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Female Directors In Hollywood: Making A Case On Why We Need More Of Them

Despite the debate and deliberation, a stigma persists still with the female directors. The timing couldn’t be better to address Hollywood’s pseudo-diversity.

Studio control the part and parcel of the entertainment industry, to begin with. Get on their ugly side and one is compelled to fund their own movies. Ask Mel Gibson, for he knows it best. Besides, these studios stick to staunch protocol and convictions out of which, controversies arise. Inadvertently or not, they get cold-feet in employing female directors to spearhead a project. List of women who went against the odds and took to direction is significantly low. Not only does that sound misogynistic, but also has a certain apprehensive ring to it.

Female Directors In Hollywood

When Kathryn Bigelow won the best director Oscars for her work with The Hurt Locker, it was profound. Freethinkers saw this as a watershed moment in Hollywood that was to inspire generations to come. However, it didn’t quite turn out to be so. No obvious culprit, but hey, it’s Hollywood to its entirety that has a problem. Directors like Ava DuVernay and Claire Denis’ names comes up in news from time to time, but that is that.

The Verge reports on a latest horror anthology directed by four women that shows glimpses of promise. Moreover, one of the directors took to the stage at Sundance to voice her concerns towards sexism in Hollywood. Jovanka Vuckovic has apprehensions about the male-chauvinism that runs deep within the frame of Hollywood. Their movie, XX, is a horror movie from different directorial perspectives, but that’s not the crux. The crux lies in the feminist undertones that blend spectacularly well with the sinister anthology shots.

XX merely provides an argument point for the debate on the versatile directorial abilities of female directors. Be it horror, satire or biographic, women have what it takes to bring the best. Vicky Jensen’s Shrek has amassed over 370 million dollars – a number that is in par with acclaimed male directors’ works. Furthermore, lesser-known directors like Lone Scherfig and Lucrecia Martel have regularly given intense movies.

EEOC Report

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission [EEOC] gave a damning verdict earlier in the case involving Hollywood’s discrimination. After investigating the allegations of discrimination of women directors since October 2015, EEOC has a definitive report. Turns out, no studio in Hollywood is an exception to the charges. Nobody wants to hire a female director! None.

Over the course of past decade, many women got into direction. Not many got the recognition at the highest level, however. Studios are too adamant to employ a female director, let alone encourage any. EEOC contemplates to bring a change to the system – a change close to fiction than reality. In order to make it a reality, it’s indeed essential to get rid of the stigma. Subsequently, hand the reigns to women to steer Hollywood from becoming an embodiment of male-chauvinism.

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