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Fast 8: Charlize Theron vs. Michelle Rodriguez In The Scale of Badassery

The Fast and the Furious is definitely Universal Pictures’ biggest franchise to date. It currently has six sequels and two short movies in its arsenal with Fast 8 soon to hit theaters.

The first movie of the series was released in 2001 on a modest budget and became one of the biggest box office hit when it earned $207.3 million. In April 2017, Universal Pictures will finally release Fast 8, the next in the series.

Fast 8: New cast and New Director

As per the teaser trailer, the Fast and Furious family is going to face another set of challenges in Fast 8. Actress Michelle Rodriguez said at the end of the video, “Our family will be challenged like never before.” The teaser also showed new villains who will grant “no mercy” to the characters.

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Photo credit: Screenshot from the video "FAST AND FURIOUS 8 Trailer Teaser" taken from the KinoCheck International YouTube channel

Photo credit: Screenshot from the video “FAST AND FURIOUS 8 Trailer Teaser” taken from the KinoCheck International YouTube channel

The upcoming movie also has a new director. The director of Furious 7, James Wan, will not return to focus on a horror movie. Straight Outta Compton director F. Gary Gray took the challenging role. Fans are excited to see how Gray will maneuver Fast 8 to its success.

Speaking of new cast, reportedly, Aeon Flux star Charlize Theron will appear as Cipher. She will be the movie’s main antagonist. What kind of conflict will Cipher present to the Fast family?

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Cipher vs. Letty

The Fast and the Furious franchise is well-known for its action-packed scenes and intense car races. The series is also renowned for the importance of family and the strength of the characters, even the women. For example, Letty Ortiz is no damsel in distress. She can fix cars, hold her own in a race and fight, and act as a double agent. Gisele, Gal Gadot’s character, was a liaison officer for a notorious drug trafficker. She is also an expert in guns and hand-to-hand combat.

With the addition of Cipher, it seems like the film is intent on adding more strong women in the Fast family. Here, one question now looms in- will the fans see a Cipher Letty confrontation in Fast 8?

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