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Fairy Tail Movie 2017: Dragon King Festival with Irene Belserion

Is this the real life? Is it just fantasy (or Fairy Tail)? Mashima just posted a major hint on twitter about an upcoming movie! What else could it be? Of course, he’s talking about a Fairy Tail Movie 2017!

Hiro Mashima, the author of the Fairy Tail manga, posted on twitter his thoughts on announcing a movie. He posted that he thinks he may now announce the movie after the release of this year’s last issue of FT manga. This post immediately ignited the fans excitement for an upcoming animation of Fairy Tail.

Fairy Tail Movie 2017 Could Be About The Dragon King Festival

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Fairy Tail Anime only has one movie entitled Priestess of the Moon. This spin-off movie does not affect the original anime’s plot and acts as just an added material to the franchise. Similarly, the upcoming movie could also be a different adventure of Lucy and Natsu.

One clue, however, is Mashima’s hesitance to announce the movie. Why did he wait until FT manga released its last chapter this year? Furthermore, why hasn’t the A-1 Pictures announced anything about it yet?

This could be because the studio waits for the perfect time before releasing the pilot video or any promotional poster for the movie. The studio probably avoids accidentally spoiling the fans from any event in the story that isn’t included yet in the manga. Then Mashima’s post on twitter makes perfect sense since the latest chapter just ended Irene’s story about her past although fans expect more revelations to come up.

Fairy Tail Anime Continuation Might Be The Last

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Meanwhile, Fairy Tail Anime won’t be out anytime soon as the manga is just an arc past the anime’s last episode. Although the manga might end after the Alvarez War Arc, the story hasn’t reached its peak yet. END still hasn’t made its appearance and Acnologia is still stuck in the middle of nowhere. Based on how things go in the manga, it’s no surprise if the next Fairy Tail anime will be the last.

Stay tuned for more Fairy Tail Movie 2017 updates!

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