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Fairy Tail Anime Movie Dubbed Dragon Cry; Slated For Spring 2017 Release

After the success of the Fairy Tail anime, fans are now excited as the second movie is in the works. Japanese film distributor GAGA revealed the second film to be entitled, Fairy Tail: Dragon CryDragon Cry is set to hit the theaters in Spring 2017.

Fans can remember that the first Fairy Tail movie, subtitled Phoenix Princess opened in Japan almost four years ago in August 2012. To keep the hype up among its fans worldwide, the film’s production crew even created a separate website and a Twitter account dedicated to the movie.

Fairy Tail anime: Second movie – Dragon Cry

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Fairy Tail creator Hiro Mashima confirmed the second film for the franchise entitled Dragon Cry via his Twitter account. It was actually in May 2015, when Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine announced about the Fairy Tail getting a second anime film.

However, there were no other announcement apart from that. On a tangent, the manga inspired the creation of two anime TV shows, and spinoff manga. The fans across the globe received the first movie well.

As per Anime News Network, the manga follows the adventures of the world’s most notorious mage guild, Fairy Tail.

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The popularity of the Fairy Tail anime and manga

The Fairy Tail manga is one of the popular Japanese series that hits the small screen every week. The manga is currently on chapter 516, and is set to “explore the emotions of various human and non-human members.” In fact, The Inquisitr also reports that Fairy Tail garnered a strong following, all due to the mangaka’s unique vision. Mangaka refers to the Japanese artist responsible for creating the manga.

As per the same publication, the Fairy Tail manga is set apart from other Japanese series. It is because the mangaka “explores the finer nuances of the relationships between various members of the guild.” Additionally, there are also stories about dragons and other creatures that make each action-packed scene in the series even more interesting. Fans support Fairy Tail because of its uniquely complex yet enjoyable storyline that rests on the “fundamental” relationships between human beings.

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