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Everything You Need To Know About The Mummy And Universal Monsters

The Mummy trailer release is not what you’re expecting. First off, Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz are not in it. The Mummy franchise features a new lead: Tom Cruise. Moreover, this movie starts what is claimed to be the Universal Monsters shared universe.

The Mummy Trailer Release

Universal Pictures released the second trailer of The Mummy reboot on April 2. GQ reported that the movie has a great cast starting off with Tom Cruise who takes on the role of Nick Morton. The Mummy trailer starts with a lot of gun fights between Nick (Tom Cruise), Sgt. Vail (Jake Johnson) and the other crew. In the next scene, a bomb explodes, Nick and Sgt. Vail looked as if they were going down the sink hole.

Rather than a sink hole, Nick sees a mummy tomb like no other. He brings the ancient relic in his plane but weird things start to happen, including Cruise’s character surviving the plane crash. Dr. Henry Jekyll(Russell Crowe) explains and reveals why Nick is still alive. Crowe’s character tells Nick that he is Princess Ahmanet’s (Sofia Boutella) chosen one.

Daily News reports that Jenny (Annabelle Wallis), Nick’s colleague and love interest in the movie will explain the history of Princess Ahmanet and why she ended up in the tomb.

The initial report notes that while the cast and plot look promising, they still hope to see a CGI Dwayne Johnson scorpion in this reboot. Meanwhile, the outlet notes that Crowe’s Dr. Jekyll character gives viewers a hint that The Mummy is part of a “connected universe movie.”

The Mummy And The Universal Monsters

The source reports that Warner Bros. And Legendary are already laying out the start of this shared universe series which will be called the Universal Monsters. Apart from The Mummy reboot, the shared universe series will also feature a standalone Jekyll movie, a Frankenstein movie starring Javier Bardem and an Invisible Man movie with Johnny Depp to take on the lead role.

The outlet notes that The Mummy is the Universe Monsters‘ first installment in its shared universe plot. Meanwhile, Alex Kurtzman showcased his directorial skills in this franchise reboot. Prior to the trailer release, the outlet noted of IMAX’s failed trailer release last December.

IMAX released the trailer with the wrong audio track. Rather than the sound effects of the movie, viewers who have seen the trailer heard Cruise’s grunts and screams. Because of this, memes and video montages started spreading online. The Mummy theatrical release is on June 9, 2017. What can you say about the movie’s second trailer? Share your thoughts with us!

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