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Emilia Clarke Is A Must-See In Her New Horror Film ‘Voice From the Stone’

Emilia Clarke has been ripping it over the last few years. The 30-year-old actress has shown off she’s got what it takes to pull off high fantasy in Game of Thrones. It was her portrayal of Daenerys Targaryen that launched her into fame, of course. But she’s shown she’s also got what it takes to do romance (Me Before You), science-fiction (Terminator Genisys), and drama (Don Hemingway).

And now, we can add horror thrillers to the list. Emilia Clarke is looking strong in the first trailer of Voice From The Stone.

The Trailer

The trailer does its job of setting up an intriguing story, while upping the fear factor with well-placed shots and timely cutting. And unlike several horror film trailers, Voice From The Stone doesn’t rely on excessive jump-scares to up the fright level.

It opens with Emilia Clarke’s Verena coming to take over the care of a young boy, Jakob. His mother Malvina (Caterina Murno) passes away, and she is instructed to take care of him in what looks like the family’s home compound. It looks like an ancient home with cracked stone walls, tower-like structures, and old architecture. Which is, well, quite apt for a horror film.

Marton Csokas is also present as Klaus, Jakob’s father. He warns that Jakob can apparently hear voices from the walls of the house.

“I assume it’s his mother he hears, or thinks he hears,” he tells Verena, before adding, “You don’t believe in such voices, do you?”

“No, signori, I do not,” Verena answers. And of course, in a horror film, nothing makes ghosts come out faster than saying you don’t believe in ghosts.

The shots that follow show things getting out of hand: Verena sees Jakob in danger of falling from the top of the tower; turning on a light to see something like a bloody head hanging in front of her mirror; Jakob running around the woods and into the shallows of a large body of water; Verena saying, “She has given me her illness,” and trying to leave the compound, though pursued by Klaus.

One particularly frightening scene near the trailer’s end has Verena waking up – only to find herself being buried alive in a wall crypt.

“I Want To Go Now”

The very final scene of the trailer is another highlight: a horrified-looking Emilia Clarke begging, “I want to go now. Please.”

Those simple moment does the job of highlighting Clarke’s talent. There’s not much context for the scene besides whatever we’ve picked up from the trailer, and yet, it’s enough to give one nightmares. If the film’s intention was to do just that, Clarke makes a great case for her casting choice.

Also, this should tide Emilia Clarke fans over until the untitled Han Solo film comes out.

Voice From The Stone premieres unlimited release and on demand April 28.

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