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Dunkirk Trailer: Christopher Nolan’s Intrepid War Movie Comes to Life

Harry Styles drowns and he drowns and he drowns again in the Dunkirk trailer. For what it is worth, the trailer is nothing shy of magnificence.

The name, Christopher Nolan, has a reputation that precedes itself. No wonder Warner Bros. cut him some slack and also cut an exclusive 20 million dollar and 20 percent profits deal. In addition to that, Nolan is leaving nothing to chance in his WW II thriller. Dunkirk trailer speaks for itself of his ingenious work, of course.

Dunkirk Trailer: Lucid and Funereal

The movie revolves around the Operation Dynamo by the British army as a part of Dunkirk Evacuation. Four hundred thousand Allied soldiers were stuck in the beaches of Dunkirk, German army encircling them. Bombs bombarding aplenty, comrades dying and survival is the only hope. Perhaps, this was when Churchill took matters into his own hands.

Commander of the British Expeditionary Force took a bold decision to evacuate the soldiers. Furthermore, German airplanes made it abundantly clear that fleeing is the last resort. The Dunkirk trailer throws light on the German incursion and their warning too. Premonitions are conspicuous in the soldiers’ eyes, rescue is nothing more than a straw in the wind.

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Harry Styles, for the most part, is at the receiving end. Cillian Murphy delivers impeccable performance in merely seconds and Mark Rylance does nothing short. Nolan is contemplating an aberration from his routine labyrinth plots and narratives, it seems. He ditches CGI, uses a joint 60 mm large format and 65 mm IMAX, reconditions the actual warships and gets the vintage planes running. That should sum it up, indeed.

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Release Date and More

It’s safe to hope for another trailer before the movie hits the theaters in the Summer. Besides, Nolan is methodical in his approach and he knows what’s best! The trailer has recurrent Nolan vibes, nonetheless. Everything looks bleak, premonitions are routine and not a single moment that isn’t ominous.

Close to 400,000 soldiers’ life is on the line, options are a few and evacuation is the sole option. Not only does Nolan replicate the bloody war to its authenticity, but also adds his flavor to it. He brings the events to life that paved way for Churchill’s famous “We shall fight on the beaches” speech. The trailer speaks for itself. Feast thine eyes.

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