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Dunkirk: The Movie That Will Beat All Your Favorite Superhero Movies This 2017

2017 promises a great list of sequels, prequels and live adaptations of comics and novels and even games. Fans hype over their next favorite DC or Marvel superheroes getting their own movie. However, one war-time movie stood out among the fantasy motion pictures: the movie adaptation of the Battle of Dunkirk.

Why Dunkirk Has The Potential To Be The Best Movie

First of all, Christopher Nolan has directed this historical movie. As we all know, Nolan directed the Dark Knight Trilogy, the mind-boggling Inception, and the accurately detailed Interstellar. If there’s one thing we can trust about Nolan’s work, it’s his great attention to detail and heart wrenching dramatic scenes.

Second, Hoyte van Hoytema did the cinematography for this film. Hoytema worked with Nolan in Interstellar and the former’s other most famous works were The Fighter and Her. This second world war movie ambitiously tries to capture the essential factors that make a great historical movie.

Lastly, we know we’re in for scenes that will take us on the edge of our seats with Hanz Zimmer’s scores. This musical genius composed countless of scores from countless movies such as August Rush, Pirates of the Caribbean and The Lion King. His gloomy and beguiling compositions will surely make us feel the intensity of each scene from the movie.

A Collection of the Best Talents and… Harry Styles!

Yes, you read that right. Harry Styles will make his acting debut in the movie Dunkirk. Unfortunately, his role doesn’t look as heroic and charming as that of his real life persona.

One Direction fans are in for a heartbreak though as the trailer shows Harry Styles drowning in the English Channel. Hopefully, Styles’ character survived this movie. If the artist’s performance in this movie shows potential, it could start a whole new acting career for the 22-year-old artist.

Dunkirk stars Irish and British Talents from Kenneth Branagh, Tom Hardy, and Mark Rylance. All were excellent actors in their own projects.

This promising movie will hopefully capture Christopher Nolan an Academy Award. Dunkirk is not about heroism; it’s a story of survival. Lastly, this movie slams the clichè American heroism we often see from world war movies.

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