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Christmas Anime Movies To Watch With Your Family

The Holidays are just days away and some people already have their plans to spend the Yuletide season with activities. Some, however, prefer the good old movie marathon with the entire family. Of course, anime fans should seize the chance of showing their families some Christmas anime movies. And no worries, Trippedmedia got you covered.

Here’s a list of Christmas anime movies you can watch with your family if you want to remove your family’s prejudice that anime is for kids, or you just simply want to convert everyone into anime otaku.

Tokyo Godfathers

Photo Credit: 2003 Satoshi Kon_Mad House/Tokyo Godfathers Committee.

There’s nothing better than a family movie on a Christmas eve. Tokyo Godfathers tells the story of a bunch of homeless people after they found a baby in a dumpster. With its interesting characters, this Christmas anime movie will surely bring laughter and tears of happiness for the entire family. What’s more is that everyone will surely appreciate each other’s company on such a special occasion.

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Summer Wars

Christmas Anime Movies

Photo Credit: Youtube/FUNimation

Although this anime movie is not all about happiness and life, Summer Wars still delivers a good moral story to its audience; that family forgives and works together. Summer Wars is not so futuristic movie. It revolves around a family reunion turned into a disaster when the technological app which manages every aspect of everyone’s life had a failure. The quirky family in Summer Wars must work together to save the world and their reunion.

Howl’s Moving Castle

Photo Credit: Disney Video

Photo Credit: Disney Video

The steampunk feel of Howl’s Moving Castle will keep everyone’s eyes on the screen. This Hayao Miyazaki’s film combines wit, romance, and breathtaking animation all into one. It’s the perfect anime movie to watch to fill the Christmas eve with fantasy and pure delight and at the same time, remind everyone to just live the moment we have.

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The Anthem of The Heart

Photo Credit: Kokosake Project

From the creators of We Still Don’t Know The Name of The Flower We Saw That Day, this school anime centers around a young girl who got cursed and could no longer talk. She then discovers that her voice comes out when she sings. This anime, with its superb animation and BGM, teaches about forgiveness on ourselves.

We would also like to mention that all Studio Ghibli movies fit the bill when looking for Christmas anime movies, although maybe you should watch Grave of the Fireflies some other time. What do you think of our list? Do you have more recommendations to add? Let us know by commenting below.

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