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Captain Marvel: Brie Larson Doing All She Can To Portray Role Accurately

Having created a universe mainly running on male superheroes, Marvel made a good decision adding Captain Marvel to the list. Captain Marvel, set to be released on March 8, 2019, will star Brie Larson – the first woman to headline a Marvel movie. She’ll be following up years of successes by the likes of Captain America and Iron Man. So… no pressure?

Fans will be happy to hear that the 27-year-old Academy Award-wining actress is taking it very seriously.

In a recent interview shared by, Larson had this to say about building up her character:

“I have so many conversations with fans about the universe and this character in particular… I’m grateful to social media for that, actually – it’s such a great way to connect with people, to understand what it is they love about this character, what it is they hope to see.”

Carol Danvers – A Character History

Before Carol Danvers became Captain Marvel, she was an officer of the US Air Forces. She was caught in an explosion with a Kree superhero – the original Captain Marvel. But she survived, walking away with super strength and the ability to fly. She became known as Ms. Marvel for a while, before eventually taking on the mantle of Captain Marvel.

In the Marvel comics, she would get involved with multiple major storylines. Those include The House of M, and Civil War II.

Captain Marvel was slated to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe in October 2014. Kevin Feige said that the film had been in development for a long time, almost as long as Doctor Strange. Larson was confirmed to play the title role shortly after, beating out other favorites like Emily Blunt and Blake Lively.

Larson is particularly interested in how Danvers’s current position in the Marvel comics – fresh off headlining Civil War II – might reflect in the MCU. “Where this character’s at… is such an inspiring space right now,” she said, “I’m so grateful to be part of it.”

What This Means For The MCU

Having a female superhero taking center-stage is a step forward by Marvel. They seem to have made diversity a crucial factor for their choices for Phase 3; just look at the casting choices for Black Panther. Aside from just female representation, fans want a good superhero film… and DC’s Wonder Woman is looking a little messy early on.

Sure, the likes of Black Widow and the Scarlett Witch Wanda have had shining moments. No one can say that Marvel is lacking for girl power, not when Natasha Romanoff is the one bailing Captain America out of his fistfights with Ultron. But a female superhero making her first solo stand would certainly help Marvel’s case for an inclusive superhero team-up film. Besides, this will solve the problem of a lack of action figures for girls, won’t it? Win-win!

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