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Beauty And The Beast: Feminist Or Glamorizing Stockholm Syndrome, Debates Won’t Stop

How did the Beauty and The Beast movie appeal to you? Is it a feminist film or does it glamorize Stockholm Syndrome? There are ongoing debates about the movie’s central theme. Some say it’s feminist while others think of it as glamorizing the Stockholm Syndrome.

The live-action Beauty and The Beast movie just recently had its theatrical release yet it’s already creating a stir online. Debates are surfacing online that the movie is a feminist film because of the Disney character Belle (Emma Watson) having her own voice in the film.

Did The Movie Glamorized Stockholm Syndrome?

Meanwhile, others argue that the movie does not have a feminist theme, rather it glamorized the Stockholm Syndrome. This Disney animated movie has a different premise when compared to other fairy tale stories. The damsel in distress falls in love first with an ugly creature before seeing who he really is.

With the Beauty and The Beast live-action movie recently released, /Film reported that the Emmy nominated web series, Honest Trailers noticed that the movie has a Stockholm Syndrome theme. Why may you ask? This is because the Beast (Dan Stevens) imprisoned Belle in his castle. Later in the story, Belle falls in love with her captor.

Moreover, the series pointed out that while Belle rejects the narcissistic Gaston (Luke Evans) to be her husband, she falls into the arms of a person who is almost the same as Gaston except he’s nicer.

Beauty And The Beast Belle, A True Feminist?

On the other hand, Metro reported that Belle’s character is actually the “big screen feminist” everyone needs to see. For one, the outlet notes that she is a woman who makes her own choices. The lead female character made a choice to take her father’s place in the castle. Moreover, the outlet pointed out that it was the character’s decision to stay and be with the Beast in the castle. The choices she made in the film is all her own, no one urged her to make it but herself.

The movie may have sparked discussions and debates but, at the end of the day, the main theme of this movie is for viewers to see that beauty is not always seen by our eyes but also by our heart.

Beauty and The Beast had its theatrical release last March 16. The film received positive reviews from critics and had already grossed $350 million worldwide. Apart from the feminist and Stockholm Syndrome issues, the movie’s first gay character did not sit well with some moviegoers. What are your thoughts about the movie’s storyline? Share them with us!

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