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Beauty And The Beast: Emma Watson Almost Got Injured On Set

There was no question about the fact that Disney’s Beauty and the Beast will be made into a live action movie someday. That day did come to pass when Emma Watson danced across the screen as the ethereal Disney princess.

Shooting Beauty and the Beast was no easy task. Emma Watson almost got injured on the sets while making the classic come alive on screens. Actor Josh Gad recounted the experience on Jimmy Fallon Show. Gad plays the character LeFou, who is a close ally to Luke Evans’s villainous Gaston.

Emma Watson Close Save From Injury On Beauty And The Beast

Josh Gad recounts the terrible experience with a horse on the sets. His horse Buddy probably will not make it in the list of most co-operative horses out there. Gad says that Buddy ‘literally threw’ him off the first day.

The animosity doesn’t end there. In one of the scenes, the horse Buddy decided to have a mind of his own. “We had to ride into the village on these horses to sing the song “Belle.” On action, all we had to do was take three steps”, says Gad, “My horse—this is not a joke—moonwalked. Walked backwards… then ran through the villagers, as Emma’s like ‘Nooo! Nooo!’ Everyone’s like, ‘No! Hermione, no!”

Emma Watson and the other cast members surely would have had the scare of their lives, all thanks to Buddy. Hey, animals can throw starry tantrums too!

James Corden Takes Disney Classic To The Streets

As the Beauty and the Beast fever is gripping the town, James Corden decides to have some fun as long as the hype lasts. For his show, The Late Late Show with James Corden, he decides to do a skit on the streets. With the help of a few extras and some cast members namely Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, and Josh Gad, the skit came live on busy streets.

Corden plays Belle and prances around the street having the whole team to step out onto the crosswalk in full costume, reports Time. As the red lights go on, the whole cast comes in full costumes with choreography and music to provide entertainment to absolutely confused onlookers. The troupe hastily walks away as the red light turns green much like the flash mob but so much more.

Stevens clearly got over his fear of acting in the middle of the street with this skit.

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