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Batman Ben Affleck: Actor To Direct Or Not To Direct The Movie

2017 may bring a ray of hope for avid DC fans. Wonder Woman and Justice League are set to hit the big screens this year. Many fans are expecting that the 2017 DC movies will set everything straight. In addition to that, the Batman Ben Affleck movie is also one of the most anticipated films.

With Chris Nolan’s fantastic job in The Dark Knight, there is a lot of expectation towards Ben Affleck.

Batman Ben Affleck: Will It Still Happen?

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Last Dec. 14, Ben Affleck told The Variety that he was excited directing The Batman. According to the actor, the scripts are still in the works and that everything is going smoothly. Even though there are many films that featured the iconic hero, Affleck wanted to give it his personal touch.

“I have high respects for those Batman movies,” Affleck stated, “Christopher Nolan, Christian Bale and Tim Burton: all of them did a great job. But at a certain point, you have to look forward and believe in your own vision for it.”

However, in his recent interview with The Guardian, it’s like Affleck lost all of his confidence in directing the movie.

“It’s not a set thing. And there’s no script. If it does not come together in a way that I think is great, I’m not going to direct it,” the actor said regarding the Batman Ben Affleck movie.

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A Director’s Integrity

This is not the first time that Ben Affleck expressed his hesitation in directing the DC movie. The Batman Ben Affleck movie is speculated to premier in 2018. The actor has repeatedly said that he does not want to force himself on the movie.

“I will not direct or write something that I think is not good enough,” Affleck remarked.

Affleck’s doubt is understandable. The actor has already made a name for himself as a director. His first film, Gone Baby Gone, has garnered multiple positive reviews from critics. Fans will have to wait if Affleck will finally confirm that he will direct The Batman.

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