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Avengers Infinity War Teaser: Did We See Thanos’s Infinity Gauntlet Shelf

Alright, everybody assemble: another Avengers Infinity War teaser has just been shared by the Russo brothers. Ever since the two helmed Captain America: The Winter Soldier to great reviews, the brothers have started using social media to drop cryptic hints about their next Marvel project. Everyone is now expecting Infinity War set to be their grandest effort yet, which makes their new context-less clue a little maddening for eager fans.

The Avengers Infinity War teaser – posted on their Twitter account – shows what looks like a steel grating with circular holes in it. It loos like a close-up shot: none of the surroundings are visible in the picture. No caption, no hashtag. Nothing to assist us in figuring out what it is.

Naturally, it’s driving fans nuts.

What Is It?

So, here come the speculations about this Avengers Infinity War teaser

The more popular suggestions seem to point to Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet. Those are, of course, two elements that will be central to the film. Marvel President Kevin Feige has confirmed that the gauntlet isn’t in Odin’s vault in Asgard. We later saw, at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron, that it’s already actually in possession of the Mad Titan himself. He may not have the Infinity Stones, that would grant the weapon its awesome power, yet. But he looks primed to get collecting.

Some fans think that the metal grating in the photo is part of the shelf where Thanos keeps the Infinity Gauntlet, given the contrasting dark material and the color of the light.

Other fans have decided to provide their own input on the guesswork surrounding the photo. One suggested it was the flooring of Star-Lord’s ship (we do know that Peter Quill and the other Guardians of the Galaxy will be joining the Avengers in the film). Others simply went on a spree of referential quotes (“fine, I’ll do it myself!” or “I’m listening”.)

Thanos In The Spotlight

It’s already been shared that Thanos won’t be some villain in the background for Avengers Infinity War. Instead, Josh Brolin’s portrayal will take center stage: Polygon reported earlier that he’ll be treated as a main character. A similar treatment was given to Ultron for Avengers: Age of Ultron; the audience saw nearly as much of his exploits and inner workings as the heroes themselves.

The big difference is that the build-up around Thanos has been coming in small appearances and tangent hints since 2012.

We’ll find out just how much this cryptic Avengers Infinity War teaser has to do with the iconic villain when the film comes out on May 4, 2018.

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