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After Moana, This Disney Movie Of A Princess In A Boxing Ring Must Happen

The Disney movie Moana showed young girls that if they put their mind to it, they can achieve their goals and dreams. From the looks of it, moviegoers are craving for more of these tough princess-themed stories.

This is why, a fan-made film poster that features a young girl is making waves online. The movie poster shows a princess who can actually box and dominate the ring! Times like this, we really need this as a reminder that girls be anything and do everything.

Will Disney Notice Punched?

It has only been three months since the Disney movie Moana hit the theaters, yet fans are craving more for movies like it, one that remind girls they can do anything they put their minds into. reports that it seems one Disney fan can’t wait for the movie outfit to come up with an idea, which resulted to her creating a poster.

The poster shows a Disney princess holding up her fists covered in boxing gloves, staring intently at presumably an opponent. The mock movie poster is entitled “Punched.”

The publication reports that according to the fan, the movie will be titled Punched. In addition, the supposed movie tagline reads: “Most princesses wear a ring. This princess dominates one.” In the poster, the young girl wears a hoodie. Moreover, she is wearing a pair of boxing gloves.

This fan art, created by Reddit user teagone, became an instant hit online. Teagone’s post on Reddit has already received more than 17,000 upvotes. In addition, about a 1,000 users commented on the user’s artwork. Some have already speculated what will be the movie’s storyline.

More Disney Movie News Update

Since the gloves are a given, Reddit user nts4588 said, the modern day princess will be undefeated in the ring, “Spoiler alert: she’s undefeated, she gets beat, training montage, and then she wins her title back. End or movie.”

Another redditor with the user handle Fuujin Sama commented that the female boxer will not only have moments in the ring, but off the ring as well. The user further noted that the princess will have a “cute male-nurse crush that never goes anywhere.” The same user even predicted that there will be “infinite sequels” to this movie.

Meanwhile, Reddit user The_Kiriyama did not give his views on what the possible synopsis of the movie will be. Rather he commended his fellow redditor for Punched’s “solid poster and opening concept.” He went on to say, “Wish it was real.” More Reddit users commented and hoped that the poster would get the attention it needs.

Moana was the last Walt Disney animation movie released in 2016. Disney’s 56th animated feature film grossed over $565million worldwide. Moreover, Moana also received nominations this year from The Academy for Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song.

Do you think Disney executives will take notice of Punched? Hopefully, they will and that they will take note of the fans’ comments about the storyline and still manage to give it their own magical twist. Nothing is impossible, right?

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