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Action Star Chris Evans In A Drama Film? Here’s Why You Should Watch Gifted

You know him better in a red, blue and white suit throwing his shield around taking down bad guys. But Chris Evans is about to step out of Captain America’s shoes a moment. This year, he’ll be starring in Gifted, a drama film directed by Marc Webb of (500) Days of Summer fame.

Aside from his exploits within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Evans has also made a career out of action films like Snowpiercer and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

But Gifted will allow him to bring something new to the screen. He plays Frank Adler, the father figure to Mary, played by McKenna Grace. At her first day of school, Mary turns out to be a mathematic prodigy, solving huge numbers in her head in seconds. Grandmother Evelyn (Lindsay Duncan) then arrives on the scene, apparently intent on taking her away to unlock her full potential in a lifetime devoted to mathematics. Frank fights to keep Mary at home to experience a “normal” childhood.

New Sides to Familiar Faces

The biggest reason to watch Gifted may be the talent. While Chris Evans is better known for punching people onscreen, playing a daddy-type character just trying to provide for his kid might be what he needs to strengthen his credentials as an actor. He’s already earned quite a few People’s Choice and Teen Choice Awards. But he’d be happy to take his shot an a Golden Globe or Oscar. And McKenna Grace, who has appeared in Independence Day: Resurgence, looks like she’ll perform admirably in the co-starring role.

The two are already exhibiting incredible chemistry in this short introduction to the movie:

Aside from that, Octavia Spencer (who worked with Evans on Snowpiercer) also joins the cast as Roberta Taylor, a guardianlike figure who pushes for Frank to keep Mary close by. It’ll be nice to see the same whip-smart and emotional deliveries we’ve seen from her on The Help and Hidden Figures.

Meanwhile, Lindsay Duncan (Birdman, AfterLife) looks sharp and stern as Evelyn Adler. Family drama is the name of the game, and she looks like she’ll be bringing it.

Original Script

Perhaps one strength of Gifted among other blockbusters coming out this year is its originality. While 2017 is slated with plenty of sequels and spin-offs (and, ironically, as excess of superhero films), Gifted is an original script all on its own. It was on the Black List of 2014, a collection of highly-regarded unproduced scripts, which also included Oscar winner Manchester By The Sea.

It’ll be a breath of fresh air for those who want to take time away from a few explosions.

Gifted will hit theaters on April 21, 2017.

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