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The Science of Climate Change: Reindeer to the Rescue

Reindeer have additional roles this Christmas than merely shuttling Santa, turns out. Climate change, for starters!

Scientists are keen on highlighting the importance of Reindeer this Christmas apart from their Santa Claus association. Reindeer are protecting the North Pole from Climate change in a way that commands appreciation. Next time Rudolph and Co. comes around, thank them for their environmental activism too. Let alone Christmas presents!

Climate Change in North Pole

As much as the politicians want to turn a blind eye towards the changing climate, it’s real and it’s happening as we speak. Glaciers are melting, Sea-level is rising and droughts everywhere, but somehow the authorities look past it. While we humans are failing as species to protect our environment, animals are doing their part. Step forward Reindeer!

Unconditional or not, Reindeer are protecting the interests of the North Pole and Arctic region altogether. Scientists discover that their grazing practices are striking a balance in large-scale. To elaborate, Reindeer graze the shrubs of the Arctic Tundra, thus exposing the Whiteness of the ground.

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The ground, in turn, reflects more solar radiation back to the atmosphere rather than absorbing. Correspondingly, this phenomenon alters the LAI [Leaf Area Index] and Canopy Height parameters in a positive way. According to the scientists, this can amount to significant control on the Climate change over time.

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Reindeer: Demography

Time reports on the Demographic data of the Reindeer in the North Pole and they aren’t doing bad, it seems. While there is a substantial increase in their populations, some sub-species are in decline. Not to mention, the scarcity of food. Their downfall is one of the by-products of the changing climate, needless to say.

Their contribution to the albedo is conspicuously resulting in the proliferation of the cooling effect. As nominal as it is in parameters, the numbers are ample enough to make a difference. Humans have no leverage on the matter, however. When humans are themselves the culprits behind the changing climate, the case is better left to rest. Makes you think, remotely, if Reindeer are worthier than us, at some debatable levels. Just a thought.

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