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Climate Change Effects: Time to Bid Adieu to Polar Bears

Climate change effects are becoming apparent by the day. Polar bears are on a decline and the ice is getting thin – literally.

Polar bears depend heavily on the sea ice to hunt their prey and survive. Due to the high rate of warming in the Arctic, the ice is melting at an outrageous pace. Correspondingly, polar bears are unable to survive. Scientists are of an opinion that if the same trend goes on, polar bears may go extinct by 2050. It’s indeed a disaster how the climate change effects are taking a toll on the poor creatures.

Climate Change Effects in the Arctic

Sadly for the Arctic region, the warming is faster there. Case in point, the ice is getting thin as we speak. Due to the extreme conditions in the region, polar bears rely heavily on the fish under the sea ice. Most bears have restricted movements due to the this phenomenon too. Not only does this affect the food, but also the mating, among other things.

The Washington Post narrowed down the solutions to tackling climate change — reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The green house gas emissions are the primary culprits in this regard. Additionally, political upheaval is proving costly too. Obama signed the Paris Agreement to control the emissions and in turn hinder the climate change effects.

Under the circumstances, all eyes are on Donald Trump to make his mark. Much to crusaders’ dismay, Trump is indifferent to climate change. Like always, he called it a ‘hoax’ necessitated by China to halt America’s economic growth. Ironically, China is facing the worst case of climate change presently. Smog is going berserk on its citizens and the government’s hands are tied too.

Polar Bears: Status

Contrary to the endangered status of the polar bears, their population is higher than what it was four decades ago. Even though the population increased over time, chances are that they are heading for a drastic decline. Most of them are turning towards the villages for food and becoming preys instead.

US Fish and Wildlife Service are vehemently striving to protect the Polar Bears’ interests. Needless to say, there isn’t much they can do as the damage has already been done. The only solution is a collective effort to control climate change. Failing to do so, polar bears going extinct is inevitable.

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