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China’s Airpocalypse and its Four Horsemen – A Troubling Read

China’s Airpocalypse is a subtle hint to other countries on the ugly side of breakneck economic growth.

China is heavily on smog and the environmental conditions are posing a serious threat to life. The authorities, on the other hand, are in an helpless situation themselves. Northern China is on a ‘red alert’, which is a new low in itself. The conditions are undoubtedly adverse, but business is as usual in the thick of China’s Airpocalypse.

China’s Airpocalypse

Airpocalypse as a term is a sinister one in itself, needless to say. Lately, the term is gaining more prominence as China’s smog levels is soaring to alarming levels. Moreover, there are no sign of cessation too. Under the circumstances, ‘red alert’ status is upon 32 cities, reports NBC.

Furthermore, 27 cities were under the ‘orange alert’ status a while ago – including the capital city of Beijing. ‘Red alert’ and ‘Orange alert’ are calculated based on the parameters of Air Quality Index [AQI]. Accordingly, ‘red alert’ dominates the present situation AQI with over 300 levels. The alert necessarily means a suspension on outdoor activities too.

The nasty reminder of China’s vehement developmental aspirations is certainly a heads up warning to other countries. While the AQI levels from 0-50 is generally a good state of the environmental constituents, China’s figures are horrifying. The levels went close to 700 not so long ago.

Repercussions and Damage Control

The schools are remaining shut and business is plummeting too. Citizens are growing weary of the wait for smog to reduce and wary of what’s coming. Government, for instance, is trying to set up purifiers in school and business centers, but the threat lingers still.

China’s Airpocalypse is finding its true meaning as the time rolls by. The Chinese new year is on the horizon and it’s in the best interests that smog subsides. The celebrations calls for increase in pollution levels that might prove fatal, considering the pre-existing adverse conditions. Close to half a billion population under the mercy of smog is indeed a pity. On can only hope for better times.

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