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Woman Goes Berserk at Michaels, Accuses Being Mistreated for Voting Trump

A woman recently had a rant at Michaels craft store in Chicago and accused a store employee of mistreating her for being white and voting for Trump. “And I voted for Trump, so there. You want to kick me out because of that? And look who won,” says the unidentified shopper.

Jessie Grady, who filmed the woman’s tirade, said that the woman believed that she was being “forced” to buy the $1 reusable bag. Employees, however, explained that her purchases are too big and that they ran out of disposable bags. The woman then saw Grady filming and then accused the former’s toddler of shoplifting.

The woman, in a high-pitched voice, accused one employee of discriminating against her. She then called the manager to stop the employee from “screaming at her across the store” but when the manager saw that it was not the case, she accused them of discriminating against her, twice.

Woman insists voting for Trump is the reason for discrimination

The angry shopper announced to everyone that she voted for Trump and that it was the reason everyone was ganging up on her. She also brought on topic about an apparent guy who got mobbed up because he was voted for Trump.

“You are not going to tell me who I can vote for and who I can’t vote for,” she said, sparking laughter from the bystanders.

Police officers came but were too late

Chicago police then came to the store but the woman was no longer in sight. Michaels applauded their employees for handling the situation well.

“At Michaels, we do not tolerate discrimination or racism of any kind against our team members or customers. We regret that our customers and team members were affected by this unfortunate incident and are grateful for the leadership of our store team in working to resolve it without further escalation,” Michaels stated in an email to Hufftington Post.

Donations over $14k came in for the Michaels employee

Jessie Grady, the woman who filmed the 10 -minute video of the racist attack at Michaels, started a GoFundMe campaign. Now it has raised over $14,000 which is over the $400 original goal. The said video,however, had gone viral and now has over 1 million views on youtube.

Racism is not just the woman’s problem

Meanwhile, users express their own thoughts about the incident. One said that racism is not just the angry woman’s problem and that it is everyone’s problem. Racial attacks are heightened before and even after the elections. Donald Trump’s victory raised everyone’s awareness whether they are on either political parties. Hillary Clinton’s supporters are still fighting against discrimination and racial attacks while Trump supporters are tired of the anti-Trump campaigns.

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