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Whoever Transformed Donald Trump Tweets Into An Emo Song Deserves A Grammy

Thought hearing Obama singing “Call Me Maybe” and “Uptown Funk” was good? Did you enjoy Trump crooning “Closer”? Well, the internet has presented us with yet another musical gift, using the President’s own words.

But they’ve also kicked it up a notch, this time. Before, we would get clips of the Presidents’ speeches spliced together and put to the tune of a familiar hit. This time, we actually got a whole, brand new song.

Donald Trump has garnered quite the reputation for being a little trigger happy with his Twitter account. He tweets about pretty much everything under the sun. Protests to the campaign elections, the government’s response to his travel ban, even the Super Bowl – Trump tweets about them all. But entertainment company Super Deluxe recently noticed that some of Donald Trump’s tweets sound an awful like an early 2000’s emo song.

So they turned it into one.

Emo Trump Deserves a Grammy

Dubbing the performance “Emo Trump”, Super Deluxe starts us off with a brief introduction. It explains how his election victory “hasn’t stopped Trump from whining on Twitter about the public’s response to his election.” A pop-rock bass line and some guitar riffs precede the first lyrics of the song: Trump’s own tweet about “very unfair” protests to his election win.

For old fans of the likes of My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy, the sound is actually pretty spot on. The following lyrics are all handpicked tweets from Trump’s very own feed. That means, despite the original track, every single one of Emo Trump’s lyrics comes from President Donald Trump himself. The track hops from his tweets about the his media depiction to his tweets about Meryl Streep.

Perhaps the only thing unfortunate about the whole song is its lack of a proper rhyme scheme. Given the source material, it must’ve been tough drawing some form out of those words. But otherwise, people could easily start lobbying to throw this song onto the ballots of the Grammys.

Approval from the Twitter-verse

Well, the verdict of the online jury is in, and it looks like it’s a pretty good one. The song has since been retweeted over 15,000 times, and has received a chorus of resounding approval. It doesn’t matter if one took it as a serious criticism of Trump, or just something thrown together for the fun of it. If anything, after all, it’s well-made.

“This is absolutely brilliant,” one tweet reads.

“It’s hilarious. I wish I could share it a million times,” reads another.

Since tonight is the Grammys 2017, we certainly think the company behind this deserves an award.

Now we’ll wait to see what Donald Trump might tweet about the song.

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