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[Viral] Miss Universe Netherlands Caught Our Eyes, Here’s The Crazy Reason Why

Miss Universe 2016 is done and over with but a few moments from the competition remain in people’s minds and hearts. One of these is Miss Netherlands busting a move to a Beyonce song. Not surprising, really.

During the rehearsals, someone from the audience filmed Miss Netherlands bust a move to Beyoncè’s Single Ladies. Miss Netherlands Zoey Ivory danced for about two minutes while all the other candidates stood all poised and perfect.

Miss Universe Netherlands Dance Video Went Viral Instantly

As of writing, the video uploaded by Aen Macapagal already earned more than 24 million views since its upload on Monday. Filipinos instantly liked Miss Netherlands and her carefree attitude during the Miss Universe pageant. The video was shot during a dress rehearsal and was uploaded at 3 am on Monday.

After a few days, the video received views and positive comments from people all over the world. Most comments praised Miss Netherlands for her attitude while others say that they could relate to her. Filipinos were too captivated by her that they started sending her messages to come back in the Philippines.

Miss Netherlands Zoey Ivory Overwhelmed By The Love

Filipinos proved to Miss Netherlands their hospitality and appreciation as the latter expressed her gratitude to her fans. In her interview with ABS-CBN News, she thanked her fans for their overwhelming love and support. She talked about how she loves the people in the Philippines and the weather.

She confirmed her plans of coming back in the Philippines soon after she finishes her job as Miss Netherlands. Zoey Ivory even added that she wants to live in the Philippines. She told the network that she is currently single.

Story Behind Miss Netherlands’ Viral Dance Video

The staff told the candidates that they could relax during rehearsals so when the music played, Zoey took the opportunity to dance along with it. She said that she went all out when she noticed that people actually started cheering for her while she danced.

The candidate learned the choreography for the song Single Ladies back when she was just 17. A gay couple asked her to perform to the song with her two other classmates on their marriage. Since then, she had always remembered how to dance to the tune.

Miss Universe Netherlands Zoey Ivory graduated from performing arts said in an Instagram post that she acted like herself during her Miss Universe journey. According to her, the love she receives proves that being yourself is always the right thing to do.

Thanks everyone for all the sweet messages and love I'm still getting! The girl with the natural curls and tattoos who does crazy dances to "Single Ladies" unfortunately didn't make it to the #Top13 of #MissUniverse. But I'll make the top of something else that comes on my path ❤ This was not my destiny, but an experience I can add to my journey! My time in the #Philippines was indescribable and I will find it hard to leave you all! ❤ I didn't win the crown, but I hope that I've won your hearts ❤ Thanks everyone, keep loving yourself AND SEE YOU AT THE AFTERPARTYYYY ????????????????? #alllllthesingleladiessss #LETSDANCE #YOUBETTERBETHERE!!! ?? ?? #zoeyivory #missnetherlands #missuniverse #missuniversenetherlands #itsmorefuninthephilippines

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