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Miss Universe 2016: Miss Haiti Should Have Won, Twitter Supporters Say

Miss France just won Miss Universe 2016 but some fans are not happy with the results. Miss Haiti ad Miss France were the final two candidates with a chance to win the most coveted crown. Steve Harvey, the host of this year’s pageant, then called Miss France as the new Miss Universe.

This year’s competition had been tougher than last year as pressures were put among the candidates and the host. This year’s audience was the most active and cheerful crowd the Miss Universe pageant has ever witnessed. And although Miss Philippines didn’t make it to the top 3, fans were quick to pick up on their new bets.

Miss Universe 2016: Miss Haiti – The Darling Of Social Media

Many took the twitter to post their frustration about the result of the Miss Universe 2016 pageant. Most users expected Miss Haiti to win the crown. A user named Joshua Lee Patropez pointed out that Miss Haiti’s answered most sincerely than any other candidates.

Some also expressed their appreciation of Miss Haiti’s answer in the final Q&A like Mary Glory Grace.

Miss Haiti also went trending on Twitter in some countries like Puerto Rico…



And in other parts of the US like Boston and Atlanta…

And all in all, worldwide…

Users Waited For Steve Harvey To Announce His Mistake

While most users are still frustrated about the results, some used the last year’s debacle to express their disappointment. One user said that he waited for Steve Harvey to announce that he made another mistake this year making Miss Haiti as the rightful winner.

Some Points At Political and Social Issues For Miss Haiti’s Defeat

While most users have accepted Miss Haiti’s failure in getting the crown, some users looked at the political and social issues surrounding the final two candidates. The user named Tater Thot pointed out how France colonialized Haiti but at the end, the colonial oppressor won.

This user pointed out how Miss Universe rarely chooses the Caribbean women.

Most Twitter Users Acknowledged Miss Haiti As Miss Universe

Although online users can voice out their opinions and vote for their own candidate, apparently, Miss Haiti couldn’t capture all the votes from the judges. Despite not winning the 2016 Miss Universe pageant, users still expressed how proud they are of Miss Haiti. This support that Miss Haiti is receiving right now beats any crown that she could win.

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