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Know Why Salt Bae Is Taking Over the Internet

Salt Bae is the new viral sensation on the internet! As quirky as the name is, the origination of the viral trend is quirkier. Like every other day, one logs into their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and suddenly realizes, there is a deluge of memes and posts about a certain thing/topic, that’s how you know something has gone viral!

Same is the case for Salt Bae- a Turkish chef was sprinkling salt and before you know it, he became a superstar on the internet. His real name is Nusret Gokce but Salt Bae is his new identity now. A chef by profession, Nusret is extremely passionate about making food and seasoning them.

How did Salt Bae Trend begin?

It is quite clear someone spotted Nusret Gokce aka Salt Bae’s Instagram account. In one of the videos, he is seen preparing Ottoman steak (stop drooling). The clincher of the whole video is in the last few seconds. We know how salt is usually sprinkled but, no, Salt Bae has his own way! (Take a look at the video below).

Ottoman steak ?

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Many caught onto this viral sensation including Bruno Mars who tweeted a picture of the same. Adding to the delight was not just his salt sprinkling skills but also his chiseled body covered with a white t-shirt. (It is difficult to go wrong with a white shirt, just saying!). Toned body, signature black sunglasses, and very sensual moves makes this chef a rock star!

Let The Memes Begin

It was not too long before Salt Bae became the source of many memes! Here is a look at the weird world that is called the “Internet”. Even Netflix Turkey didn’t lose much time before cashing in on the trend

Some were calling out to Apple to make the Salt Sprinkle into an emoji

A whole new Twitter account is dedicated to the trend: calling it the first meme of 2017

Some Memes were downright hilarious and we can’t stop laughing here!

We are not complaining at all, especially when a meme as good looking as Salt Bae keeps showing up on our profiles, you just know 2017 is going to be good!

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