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[Viral] Jollibee Ad: This Fast Food Chain’s Ads For Valentine’s Will Make You Tear Up

With Valentine’s around the corner, we’re tuned in to sappy things that can make our hearts melt. Something that recently caught our eyes and hearts are the viral ads that a fast food chain in the Philippines put out.

The fast food chain is actually renowned, based on our research. It has certain branches around the world already, probably catering to the number of Filipinos on different countries as well. Anyway, the ads certainly touched our hearts for all the right reasons. The fast food chain recently released a series of shorts for commercial and each will melt your heart, especially the one entitled, ‘Vow’.

Jollibee Ad ‘Vow’ Inspired By A True Story

The 2 minutes and 44-second commercial got its inspiration from a true story, according to the Jollibee. The commercial tells the story of a guy who met the love of his life in Jollibee. Since then, they started going out as friends but the guy has unrequited love towards the girl.

As the guy narrates the story while in front of the altar, the girl slowly walks down the aisle in her wedding gown. As the story unfolds, the girl stops in front of the guy and they exchanged meaningful smiles with teary eyes. The girl then moves on to his groom, but she looks back to the guy and mouths the words, “Thank you”.

The ad then ends with the words, ‘Celebrate the Joy of Love” in lieu of its other commercials with the theme, love for the upcoming Valentine’s day. The ad highlights the Jollibee product 2-piece fried spicy chickenjoy with extra rice, an popular item in the chain’s menu.


‘Crush’ And ‘Date’ Title Of The Other Commercials

Each commercial from the fast food chain with the theme love highlights a product, like the Bucket of Chickenjoy and Yum Burger. Another tearjerker commercial from the fast food chain shows the unconditional love between a mother, a son and the dying husband. The commercial with the title, ‘Date’ shows a boy preparing to give his mother a surprise date while getting instructions from his father over a video chat.

In another commercial with the title, ‘Crush’, a guy waits for a long time for the girl he had a crush on to finally notice him. Set at a university campus, the nerdy guy sets his eyes on a girl who has an appetite for the Jollibee yum Burger. He then secretly gives the girl a yum burger with sticky notes that always made the girl smile.

However, when he was about to confess to the girl, she got suddenly approached by another guy. The girl then had a relationship with another guy but one day, they had a huge fight. Wanting to comfort the girl, the main guy revealed that he was the one who secretly admired the girl but unfortunately, the girl got back together with her boyfriend.

The story then forwards to their alumni homecoming where the main guy again gives a burger to his long time crush with the sticky note saying “Sorry, I’m Late” and explains that it took a while for their grandchildren to sleep. Turns out they ended up together!

What was your favorite commercial among the three? Tell us what you think by commenting below.

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