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Facebook News: 3 Ways Millennials’ Behavior Will Change in 2017

Why is it important to understand how millennials are going to use Facebook news differently in 2017? The answer to that is very simple and straightforward. Millennials are the target of emerging brands because they have the buying power and are social media savvy.

Any business who invest in social media marketing needs a better understanding as to how millennials use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and a host of other social media platforms. In the last couple of years, we saw how they used “trends” to start conversations and revolutions in social media. By 2017, a new kind of behavior will emerge from this generation.

#1 Ratings and Reviews

More than any other demographic, millennials depend on Facebook news, which means they like rating and reviewing every product, restaurant, and service they experienced. They trust reviews and user-generated content, so this is a big thing for businesses. In 2017, we’ll start to see more qualitative ratings, and millennials will start to trade reviews with each other.

#2 Workplace Communication

As more and more millennials will claim the upper echelon of leaderships in major companies, we will probably see social media playing a big part in their internal communication. Last year, Facebook and Twitter have increasingly become tolerable for many companies. For 2017, a shift will begin towards using these social media platforms to communicate in the workplace.

Facebook News

Wikimedia Commons / Quinn Dombrowski / Dublin Gay Pride 2013

Who knows? Maybe it can even replace instant messaging or email. We might also witness a professionally-angled media platform like LinkedIn, albeit with more features to allow communication among colleagues.

#3 Emojis

Earlier this year, we were welcomed by Facebook news that the platform will now allow the use of emoji for “reactions,” similar to “likes.” We can now react with “love,” “sad,” “anger,” and “wow” emojis for certain Facebook posts. Trust that this will continue in 2017 and that non-verbal communication will get bigger.

Since millennials are always clamoring for more content, faster experience, and thoughtless communication, more emojis are likely to appear and this generation will welcome them with open arms.

For many analysts, millennials and how they react to Facebook news are the future of business. Understanding their social media behavior is a good start to anticipating what’s ahead of us.

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