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Deadly Consequences of Facebook Fake News

There is nothing more annoying than finding out that something viral is fake. The combined powers of social media and technology is so formidable that many people believe what they see online. Whether it’s a Twitter news alert or Facebook fake news, people are bound to believe it because the article and pictures look real.

However, that is not always the case. And that is why people must exercise caution whenever they read something on the internet.

Facebook Fake News: Why It’s Deadly

Many people nowadays turn to the internet for news and entertainment. When a material catches the interest of the audience, it becomes viral to the point that the origin becomes hard to pinpoint. One thing leads to another until people find out that it’s fake. Sometimes it is hard to determine whether the news is fake or not. These news are made-up and created in a way that make them look like they are gathered by experienced journalists.

South Sudan is one of the countries suffering from the drawbacks of Facebook fake news. Thanks to these material and online hate speeches. The country is divided between the Dinka ethnic group and the Nuer tribe. Massacres happened left and right, rape and carnage are present, and some areas of the country are suffering from famine.

According to BuzzFeed, such Facebook pages have several things in common; they are based overseas and are set up for profit. These pages share vague websites that contain the fake news and unverified pictures. The members of these pages can be from one tribe or various groups, sparking online feuds similar to real life.

Facebook Takes Action

With the increasing number of Facebook fake news, the social media platform began to devise ways to combat them. This includes easier ways to report hoaxes and third-party fact-checking organizations. The improvement started in USA. On Jan. 15, Facebook extended the movement to Germany. The country has become a hotspot for fake news, especially when such misleading stories started targeting Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Now that Facebook has taken a step to stop the fake news from spreading, many internet users are now hoping that these kind of content will eventually stop. In addition to that, whoever makes them must face the proper consequences for misleading the public with wrong information.

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