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Creepypasta 2017: New Stories For The New Year!

Slenderman, Eyeless Jack, and Jeff the Killer–these are some of the most popular figures in the Creepypasta world. These internet urban legends have been around for quite a while now. They are immensely popular, thanks to their effective ability to scare readers. And for Creepypasta 2017, more and more stories just keep on coming.

The origins of a Creepypasta story are often hard to find. This is why many people became determined to find out whether these stories are true or just products of imagination. Check out these Creepypastas that will disturb any reader, especially during the night.

Creepypasta 2017: Disturbing But Addicting

The Harbinger Experiment

It seems like Creepypasta is a chock-full of science experiments that went bad in the process. For those who are updated with Creepypasta 2017, The Russian Sleep Experiment is one of the classics. The Harbinger Experiment is also the same… except that it involves an evil genius who aims to trap evil spirits in live human bodies! It’s just an experiment so what could go wrong, right?

Annie96 is Typing

Although this is not one of the newest Creepypastas, this story will definitely disturb its reader. Just imagine chatting with a friend and the typing awareness indicator just goes on and on. Hours later, that friend started acting weird then went offline. Wouldn’t that bother you until the day you’ll see that friend again?

Tara The Android

A video called “I Feel Fantastic” was uploaded in 2009 and became viral thanks to its creepy vibes. The clip showed a female android singing “I feel fantastic” over and over in a haunting melody. According to urban legend, the android’s name is Tara and she was owned by a serial killer who dresses her up in his victim’s clothes. There are reasons why some people are scared of dolls and robots; and this is one of them.

Why People Enjoy Creepypastas

Creepypastas are terrifying but there is just something about them that makes people crave more about them. These Creepypasta 2017 can make people sleep with their lights on. But if you don’t want that, just calm down and watch a happy movie to take the scare away.

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