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Millennial Jobs 2017: Work Trends This Year To Suit Your Needs

Millennial Jobs 2017: You’re a millennial and you’re probably looking for a job right now. You would think that your diploma would be enough to land you a job at a good company but that’s where you’re wrong. This year is a talent war not only among the jobless but also among those seeking to advance in their respective careers.

According to Forbes, millennials search for new jobs because of several reasons. Here in TrippedMedia, we’ve listed down the jobs most employers will look for on LinkedIn this 2017.

Millennials Want To Feel Valued; Flexibility Is Also Important

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Most workers today don’t feel as if the company values them. This is true for those employees who fear speaking up their mind. Millennials consider this crucial in finding the best job for them. Fortunately, job trends this year are talent-oriented which means a person with the best set of skills would definitely know his values.

User-interface design is on trend right now. Employers need people with talents to make products easier to use for customers. What’s more is that these products are mostly digital, something that can be done at home or anywhere.

You No Longer Need To Fit In While Growing

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Millennials are considered the most diverse and spontaneous generation. This is why most millennial workers have a hard time coping in their work environment. Most millennial workers also don’t feel like they grow their careers in their current jobs.

Millennials don’t want to get stuck in a dead-end job, and they look forward to career advancement the most. They want to become big in what they do. Young workers also seek to learn from their jobs which make them ready to take on the challenge of a new career.

As Statistical Analyst and Data Miners, you learn new things every day. Not only is this job perfect for people who seek growth, but this career leads to other skills like marketing. Because statistical analysts and data miners look for patterns and trends, this knowledge would be useful for marketing.

Top 10 Millennial Jobs 2017 Trends

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1. Cloud and Distributed Computing

2. Statistical Analysis and Data Mining

3. Web Architecture and Development Framework

4. Middleware and Integration Software

5. User Interface Design

6. Network and Information Security

7. Mobile Development

8. Data Presentation

9. SEO/SEM Marketing

10. Storage Systems and Management

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