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When To Quit Your Job: 3 Ways You’re Quitting Your Job Without Knowing It

How do you know when to quit your job? One of the hardest decision you have to do in your adult life is to leave your job. Often times, we dilly-dally at the thought of it, and try to deny what we actually want.

If you are confused, there are actually a number of tell-tale signs that indicate you’re ready to let go of your job.

When to quit your job: When you find it hard to concentrate

You’ll notice the first signs of when to quit your job when you’re continuously finding it hard to concentrate. You’ll notice that you no longer want to come to work and that you cannot focus on the tasks at hand. You will also be lazy to wake up each day that you’ll resort to inventing lies just to get out of work.

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When To Quit Your Job

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At the start of your job, you will be inspired to do good and impress your job. You will lose this passion once you start losing interest in your work. It will be easy to notice, too, because the drive to succeed is no longer there.

You don’t have goals anymore

Sure, you have goals about your life personally, but you’ll notice that the ones related to your work are slowly declining. Or if you still have any, it won’t be about the company anymore. It will be something else totally unrelated from your present employer.

It’s hard to admit that you lost your competitiveness and you no longer care if you want to be promoted. However, this is the best way to know that you’ve already given up your competitive place in the business. It may really be time to move on from your job.

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You are looking for new opportunities

Once you noticed yourself starting to look for a new opportunity outside of your present employer, this is a sign that you’re ready to quit your job. You may think that you’re just browsing through a job site or updating your LinkedIn profiles. However, this is a sign that you are thinking ahead.

If you’re ever wondering when to quit your job, you may be halfway there already.

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