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Valentine’s Tips: How To Deal With A Very Recent Breakup

Dealing with a broken heart is never easy. In fact, it was never easy. The hurt seems to double if the breakup ever happens on a special day, like close to or *gasp* on Valentine’s Day. So if you are someone who just ended things with his or her S.O, then these breakup Valentine’s tips will definitely help you.

Breakup Valentine’s Tips: Yes, It’s over

It’s Okay To Feel Sad

The hurt over a breakup is arguably one of the worst kind of hurt that exists. Sometimes, physical pain couldn’t even amount to the emotional hurt you’re experiencing. But you know what the good news is? It’s perfectly alright to be sad. In fact, it’s okay that you feel sadness, confusion, and anger. Just keep in mind that you don’t let your emotions affect your whole life. They will only hurt you even more as time passes by.

Go Cry

Crying is one of the best Valentine’s tips for a breakup. It’s also a great way for you to let your emotions out, especially if they are extreme. Look for a place where you can be alone, like your bedroom. If you need a support system, get your best friend or closest sibling then let them hold you while you let it all out. Try not to cry in a public place, as this will catch the attention of other people. If tears slip out while you’re in a public, distract yourself with physical movement. Or you can cover it with a yawn or blame it as allergies.

After you cry, release all of your negative emotions. Are you into yoga? Good, the exercise will help your body release serotonin, the happy hormone. Also, try to engage into meditation. Relax and visualize a peaceful place (not your ex’ arms, okay?) while taking deep breaths.

Get Rid Of The Stuff That Remind You Of Your Ex

These things will do nothing but make you hold onto your past relationship. Burn the pictures, throw away the gifts, and delete your “theme song” from your playlist. But if he or she gave you something with sentimental value, like a family heirloom, don’t throw it out. Gather up these expensive things then arrange for a meeting with him or her, when you got the strength to meet up. Remember, you are just going to return the stuff and not reconnect with your ex. Keep your meeting short and straight to the point.

Then Drop All Contact

Once you returned the things, delete all kinds of contact towards your ex. Delete their number in your phone then unfollow your ex on social media. If it makes you feel better, block them. This way, you will not be able to send drunk texts to your ex or see what they are up to. Besides, your ex is clearly moving on from your relationship. It’s about time that you do that as well.

And Last But Not The Least…

Take Care Of Yourself

All of these Valentine’s tips will not be successful if you don’t take care of yourself while you move on. Think positively because one day, you will find someone new. Don’t swear that you will not commit to a relationship anymore. Engage in your hobbies and try new ones as well.

Also, remember that you are not alone. You are not the only one who goes through a breakup. Gather your best friends or family and celebrate life with them. Go out and eat or go on a vacation because, truth be told, you need it. You may have lost the love of your life but at least you have all of these great people who are with you through thick or thin.

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