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Valentines Day For Singles: How To Celebrate Valentines When You’re Single

Valentines Day for singles – what are your plans? Instead of moping around and feeling sorry for yourself, why don’t you simply enjoy the day and pamper yourself nonstop?

While Valentine’s Day is mostly enjoyed by couples, there are single people who don’t mind it, too. They are simply happy with themselves and enjoy the day without throwing nasty looks at couples doing all these sweet-nothings. Yes, it sucks to be alone, but it doesn’t always have to be that way.

Valentines Day For singles: Pamper Yourself

This is when you can go all out and just focus on yourself. Why feel sorry for yourself when you can do some activities for Valentines Day for singles? Whether it’s having a mani-pedi or binge-watching on Netflix or having a whole tub of ice cream by yourself, this is a glorious day to pamper yourself.

Spend The Day With Your Friends

You may have many single friends who are feeling bad for spending this day alone. Why don’t you spend the day together, so you don’t have to mop around the house and watch bad movies on Netflix. Have a little party with your single friends–buy boxes of pizza, a tub of ice cream sundae, and bags of potato chips. Trust us, this is better than dressing up and ordering from a restaurant menu.

Watch A Broadway Show

Well, that is if you’re living in New York. If not, we’re sure you can find a good play somewhere there to get your culture on. This is an absolutely fun way to spend the night, except if you mind seeing couples getting cuddly beside you.

Go Shopping

This should certainly fall under the “pamper yourself” tip, but going shopping deserves its own spotlight. Maybe it’s time to update your wardrobe or buy a new furniture for your apartment? This is as good a time as any to buy stuff.

Why? Basically, people are going to be in restaurants and not in malls and boutiques. You’ll have the stores all to yourself while couples line up for restaurant tables.

Do Something New

Are you itching to try yoga? This is a time to fall in love with something once more. Find an activity you’ll love and stick to it. Who knows, this might be the beginning of something amazing in your life.

If all of these fail, you can simply treat Valentines Day for singles as an ordinary day. There should be nothing special about it anyway, because love should be celebrated everyday and not just on a specific day.

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