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Valentine’s Day Flowers: Here Are Their Hidden Messages

Flowers are one of the traditional gifts a person can receive on Valentine’s Day. Aside from the fact that they look beautiful, many flowers smell really great. And there is just something romantic about them. But do you know that Valentine’s Day flowers symbolize something?

Yes, every lush bloom has a meaning behind it. Knowing a flower’s secret message can help increase the appreciation from the recipient. It can also help the giver properly convey his or her thoughts! Read on and find out what these flowers really symbolize.

Valentine’s Day Flowers: A Rose Is Not Just A Rose…


These elegant-looking blooms are one of the most popular flowers in the world. They come in various colors like pink, red, orange and yellow. Some tulips are even two-toned! Tulips symbolize the perfect love and convey the message of comfort and warmth. They are great as a Valentine’s Day gift because they are affordable and look classy.


Orchids are known to symbolize beauty, love, luxury and strength. Compared to roses, orchids send a more exotic seduction. In addition to that, these lush blooms can hold up well whether they’re in a pot or bouquet.

Casa Blanca Lilies

Ladies, be proud if your man whipped up a bouquet of Casa Blanca lilies for you. Why? Because these elegant Oriental lilies stand for class, style, and beauty. These flowers are extremely dramatic and tend to lean on the expensive side. But if you receive a bouquet filled with these blooms, then be happy about it because that means your partner thinks you are very sophisticated–just like the flowers themselves!


Dark blue and purple are known to symbolize royalty, which is often the color of the flower iris. However, no matter the color, irises symbolize faith, loyalty and hope. They often come in shades of blue, purple, white, and yellow and they make great color combinations with other flowers.


The most popular Valentine’s Day flowers in the world, roses symbolize romance, beauty, love and passion. They often come in various colors like red, pink, white, and peach. And these colors also have different meanings to them! For example, red roses mean deep, passionate love while peach roses stand for modesty. Roses are often sought-after, especially on Valentine’s Day, which is why these flowers are often expensive.

Why Give Flowers On Valentine’s Day

Giving flowers on Valentine’s Day can be a little cliche for some people. However, many women love receiving Valentine’s Day flowers, especially from their special someone. Yes, these blooms may wilt and die someday but the thought behind the bouquet is what matters. Whether it’s a giant, expensive bouquet or handmade with the freshest blooms from your backyard, your partner will definitely appreciate the arrangement.

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